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1st Special Olympics Pan-African Games Egypt 2020 Team Seychelles gear up for first ever Pan-African Games | 14 January 2020

1st Special Olympics Pan-African Games Egypt 2020     Team Seychelles gear up for first ever Pan-African Games

Seychelles will be present at the first ever Special Olympics Pan-African Games which will take place in Cairo, Egypt under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi from January 23-31, 2020.

For the first time ever, 50% of the athletes at the Games will be females, as can clearly be seen after a deep delve into the new logo, which if looked at closely, shows an African face on the right and the traditional Zulu headpiece representing a woman.

Seychelles will be represented at the inaugural Games by 20 athletes from Mahé, Praslin and La Digue who will compete in five-a-side football, bocce and track and field.

The Games are seen as a new chapter in the history books as it is the first time Africa as a continent hosts its own continental Special Olympic Games which will accommodate 42 countries.

Charles Nyambe, president of Special Olympics Africa, has said that the approval of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to host the Games shows that the Egyptian head of state understands the issues of inclusion, which in many areas there is still a big struggle.

He also saluted the Egyptian president for allowing the people with intellectual disabilities a chance in life to make a difference and expose their talents and abilities, instead of their disabilities.

According to Mr Nyambe, the event marks a very important special milestone which will be engraved in the history of Special Olympics on the African continent.

Headed by Helen Ernesta, Team Seychelles will leave the country on Thursday January 23 and are expected back on Saturday February 1.

Meanwhile, Ms Ernesta is asking any individual or organisation who wishes to help the athletes in one way or another to come forward.

She also thanked all the volunteers who are helping the athletes with their preparations.

They are Frank Accouche, Giovanni Fanny, Eddie Lozaique and Jean Vardin.

Sports NATION presents you photos of the athletes in training taken by Thomas Meriton.


The Seychelles delegation for the Games


Football – Michael Andrew, Ronny Romain, Bernard Barbé, Michel Jouanneau, Steven Mothé, Joshua Sophie, Ralph Abel, Daniel Choppy

Bocce – Maryse Berlouis, Christel Botsoie, Leonard Morel, Faisal Athanase

Athletics – Jude Bibi, Rico Freminot, Jean-Yves Marengo, Regis Duval, Rosie Coralie, Veronique Jean, Jenifer Romain, Maggie Estico

Head of delegation: Helen Ernesta

Assistant head of delegation: Raymonde Onezime (board member)

Medical personnel: Dr Mickey Noël

Coaches: Jim Louis, Vincent Cedras, Olivier Nibourette, Emedine Athanase, Erica Celeste, Jason Bonne.


Roland Duval


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