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Communication officers learn more about NDS 2019-2023 | 15 January 2020

Communication officers learn more about NDS 2019-2023

Delegates listening to a presentation (Photo: Jude Morel)

Communications and public relations officers working in a number of ministries, departments, agencies and state enterprises yesterday took part in an educational session to learn more about the National Development Strategy 2019-2023.

The session is the first in a series of educative workshops being organised for this year by the department of economic planning in the Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning.

Its aim is to mobilise, engage and educate the communications and public relations officers of the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2019-202, so that their respective ministries, departments, agencies and state enterprises can take part in and take ownership of the NDS.

Additionally, it was also an opportunity for the department for economic planning to be apprised of the officers’ opinions and feedbacks on the NDS 2019-2023.

To note, NDS 2019-2023 is a five-year medium term strategy which will act as a mechanism to achieve Vision 2033, a document whichsets forth the kind of path we want for Seychelles and where we want to be in the next 15 years.

It encompasses goals that need to be met as per the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aside from NDS 2019-2023, two other medium-term strategies are expected to be developed for the periods 2024-2028 and 2029-2033 to achieve Vision 2033.

The vision which is hoped to achieve by 2033 is of “a resilient, responsible and prosperous nation of healthy, educated and empowered Seychellois living together in harmony with nature and engaged with the wider world”.

Jennifer Jasmin, director general in the department of economic planning, noted that she was satisfied with the turnout since most ministries, and even some public agencies, such as Air Seychelles and Islands Development Company (IDC) were represented.

“Our presentation today is meant to give the communication officers an understanding on the contents of the Vision 2033 document and the National Development Strategy so that we can have the participation of all stakeholders in the process,” Ms Jasmin noted.

The department’s end goal is to ensure that all of the communication and PR officers become well-versed in regards to the NDS and SDGs, so that they can make reference to these in their in their communication plans

“I am satisfied with how the presentation went. It is a huge document and is a lot to assimilate so the presentation is the first step and we hope to continue with these sessions,” Ms Jasmin expressed.

“I think we have attained our objective today; they know of these documents, they know what the goals and strategies are. Going forward, we wish for them to go back to their relevant organisations, and identify the goals and objectives which align with their portfolio.”

The next series of sensitisation sessions will be held for director generals, directors, chief executives and the civil society.

Elsie Pointe

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