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Marlin Slam 2020 | 24 January 2020

Marlin Slam 2020

The Marlin Slam Tournament to launch the SSFC 2020 calendar


The Seychelles Fishing Sports Club (SSFC) will launch this year’s sporting calendar with the tenth annual Marlin Slam competition which will take place tomorrow.

This year’s competition will have a new payout format with 70% of entry fees and monetary sponsorship received going to the winner, while 15% of entry fees and monetary sponsorship received will go to the 2nd place winner and 100kg and over.

As for the entry fee, it has been lowered to R10,000.

With the start of the 2020 sports fishing schedule, the SSFC/ACM Team and Skipper's League start again and the Marlin Slam competition will be the skipper's first chance to gain points for the year long season.

All release of Billfish will gain points in the Billfish Conservation League, while the rules do not permit any other Billfish to be weighed in at the weigh station (sailfish/spearfish/swordfish). Points will be awarded for releases.

The winner of the tournament will not have to wait long since the prize giving ceremony will be held at Marine Charter Association right after the weigh-in is completed and results calculated.

Skipper's meeting will be held today at 4pm at the Marine Charter and must be attended by one member from each team.

For those not taking part in the tournament, the SSFC weigh-ins are always the place to be on fishing tournament weekends.

Join SSFC and Rapid Roofing with DJ Aubrey and Basil Samy at Marine Charter Association from 2pm to 8pm for the weigh-in and the build-up to the award of the winning prize.

The SSFC would like to thank its main sponsors which are Rapid Roofing and TODAY in Seychelles for their support in keeping the SSFC Marlin Slam the top paying sports fishing tournament in Seychelles.




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