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President Faure receives Ombudsman’s report | 05 February 2020

President Faure receives Ombudsman’s report

Mrs Tirant-Ghérardi presents a copy of her report to President Faure (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

A copy of the Ombudsman’s Report covering the years 2018 and 2019 was handed over to President Danny Faure at State House yesterday morning.

The Ombudsman, Nichole Tirant-Ghérardi, handed President Faure the document before discussing further various aspects and recommendations contained in the report and bringing to his attention difficulties encountered with certain ministries.

A communiqué from State House said the President acknowledged the document and said that it would be carefully studied by his administration and that serious consideration would be given to its contents and recommendations.

Following her meeting with President Faure, Mrs Tirant-Ghérardi explained to the local press that this report has already been circulated to the leaders of the National Assembly.

She said that the report gives a summary of the various activities carried out by her office, the successful collaborations with different ministries and the different challenges her office faces.

She said most of the difficulties encountered are related to lack of responses from certain ministries, complete lack of interest on their part and unwillingness to cooperate among other related matters.

Among the recommendations proposed, Mrs Tirant-Ghérardi noted that they include the need to consider a specific Ombudsman Act to encompass all the work by this office, the need for proper mechanism to address the issue of incomplete and undated document submitted by ministries and other public authorities, numerous cases of personnel administrative errors and lack of proper employee follow-up, among numerous other related matters.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

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