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53 students qualify for full scholarships | 06 February 2020

53 students qualify for full scholarships

Yesterday’s meeting with the students who have qualified for full scholarships (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

Fifty-three students have received 18 points and above in their A-Level exams taken in 2019 and have qualified for full scholarships.

What an achievement for the students, parents and the country!

The Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) met the successful students and their parents yesterday at the Seychelles Institute for Teacher Education (Site) at Mont Fleuri where information was shared about their next move in life.

Many parents and students attended the meeting yesterday and the ANHRD team, including its chief executive Nadia Lauricourt and other officials, answered questions posed by parents and students.

ANHRD has the mandate nationally to promote all matters related to training and development of human resources. Further to its mandate, it promotes life-long learning and professional development and training with strong emphasis on national priority areas.

This year’s first priority field of studies include: medicine, teaching, accounting and finance, tourism and hospitality management, aquaculture, marine biology, microbiology, zoology, fish veterinary, fisheries science psychology, nursing, social work and counsellor. There are four other priority lists that can be consulted at the ANHRD office at Le Chantier Mall.


Government of Seychelles (GOS) scholarship scheme and other scholarships

The scholarship scheme is based on four main principles: equal opportunity for tertiary education for all Seychellois; training in areas of national priority; students need to meet set criteria and scholarships are awarded subject to availability of funds.

The different types of scholarships include pre-service applicants; fully funded scholarship; partially funded scholarship (criteria/case basis) and bilateral/multilateral scholarships.

Of course to be eligible for a scholarship you have to earn the required points already established by the ANHRD. Students scoring 18 academic points and above are qualified to study locally or abroad in an approved venue/in a chosen priority field of study and if the chosen course is not offered at the University of Seychelles (UniSey).

Students scoring between 12 to 17 points are qualified to study locally (full scholarship) or partly financed to study abroad. Parents, students or organisations shall make their financial contribution to the training first to be followed by the Government of Seychelles (GoS) scholarship. This means that GoS will undertake funding of second or third years of training depending on the amount of the scholarship.

Regarding the bilateral and multilateral scholarships, there are various full scholarships – awarded by foreign governments and organisations and which are regularly published in our newspaper. There are also joint scholarships that are awarded jointly by ANHRD and foreign government or organisations upon availability.


Placement before the scholarship

Compulsory teaching attachment is one of the conditions of an award of the GoS scholarship for pre-service students. Students are also expected to abide by the rules and regulations for teachers as set out by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the school where they are attached. Students awaiting scholarships in the field of medicine, dentistry and nursing shall be attached to the Ministry of Health for at least six months, as required by that ministry. Those pursuing psychology will be attached to relevant ministries or organisations.

Prospective students on attachment shall receive an allowance of R3,875.00.


Cost of training

The total training cost for international venues include: tuition cost depending on university and duration of study, monthly stipend depending on country, medical insurance, visa, yearly books and clothing allowance.

The establishment allowance is given once upon departure. The airfares are provided at the start of study and at the end of study. Each student gets 20kg baggage allowance upon completion of study.


Students’ contribution

The student has to bear the cost of the following: cost of certifying their certificates at the Seychelles Qualifications Authority, police clearance (overseas), passport-size photo, application fee, entrance exam fee depending on where the exam will be administered and the IELTS exams.


Pre-service students are bonded to work for the Republic of Seychelles (in the private or public sector) and in-service applicants currently in employment are bonded to their organisations.


Upon completion of study

Upon completion of training, students must immediately send their new academic transcript and copy of certificate to the ANHRD and must forward their curriculum vitae to ANHRD to assist with circulation to employing organisations to ease employment.

The students shall return and work in Seychelles within two months upon completion of study and shall take up employment in Seychelles for a minimum period of two years before applying for specialisation. High achievers from UniSey will be given the opportunity to do their honours degree straight after their first degree dependent on the requirements of their profession.


Deferment of studies

In cases of re-sitting exams, students can defer their studies and deferment shall not exceed 12 months. Approval can be considered for deferment of studies on medical grounds and re-sits and the student should write a formal letter addressed to the CEO in request for deferment of studies.

Many questions were raised by the parents about visa issues, choosing a university of their choice and the personal contribution. At the end of the meeting, all students had the chance to register themselves with ANHRD for them to start their placement.

Students should contact the ANHRD from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12 noon in its office at Le Chantier Mall or to call on 4423300.



By Vidya Gappy


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