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Registration exercise for land applicants | 10 February 2020

Since Monday February 3, 2020 the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure & Land Transport has started registration for individuals with land applications for three years and above.

These applicants are being requested to complete an application form attached with a checklist to update their current land applications under the Land Point System (LPS).

The checklist serves as a guidance on the required documents that applicants must provide, in line with the ten criteria set under the LPS.

Applicants are required to provide proof on how they will finance and develop the plot of land should they qualify.

Proof taken under consideration are proof of loan ability or financial savings.

Applicants considering taking loans are required to provide proof of financial ability for a minimum sum of five hundred and fifty thousand rupees (R550,000.00) to pay for the land and eventually construct their house. Therefore, applicants need a letter from their respective bank to showcase the amount of loan they are eligible to in order to complete registration.

The principal secretary for Lands, Fanette Albert, together with the special advisor to the minister, Gerard Hoareau, met members of the Seychelles Bankers Association (SBA) last Friday following complaints raised by members of the public that certain banks were refusing to provide necessary documents as proof of their financial ability, as requested by the registration exercise for land applicants.

Present for the meeting was the chairman of SBA, Phillip Moustache, and other members of the association.

Members of SBA informed that following the announcement by the ministry and since the opening of the registration many applicants have gone to their respective banks with only the checklist requesting for the proof of financial ability. It was explained that applicants should write a formal letter to the bank requesting for the financial ability proof.


Communique from the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure & Land Transport

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