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President receives first interim report from the TRNUC | 12 February 2020

President Danny Faure has announced that he has received from the Truth, Reconciliation & National Unity Commission (TRNUC) the first interim report of the work undertaken by the commission during its first six-month period from August 2019 up to the end of January 2020.

This is in accordance with Section 11(2) of the TRNUC Act 2018.

The president has noted the contents of the first interim report, which outlines the commission's experience in securing the resources required for it to operate efficiently and within the time frame of three years mandated for its work. It also contains statistics on the number of complaints recorded, as well as the schedule of hearings, and the list of witnesses that have appeared before the commission.

The president will also consider the commission's recommendation that government establishes a fund from which compensation can be made to those persons whom the commission may recommend be awarded such reparations upon the conclusion of the commission's enquiries.

The commission is required to submit interim reports to the president every six months. The final report of the commission will be made at the conclusion of all its enquiries.

The president will make the final report public, and will also lay it before the National Assembly.


Press release from the Office of the President

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