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Health camp at Dr Murthy’s Clinic | 13 February 2020

Health camp at Dr Murthy’s Clinic

The Indian specialists (Photo: Jude Morel)

Indian health care specialists screen some 100 patients


From February 11-13, Wellspring India Meditour in collaboration with Dr Murthy’s Clinic is hosting a health camp with the surgical gastroenterologist Dr Deepak Subramanian and cardiologist Dr Madan Mohan.

During the three-day camp, some 100 patients contacted them for an appointment.

Dr Murthy Pillay noted that “normally we target some Indian medical institutions where we need help and wherever I go I try to look for specialists and then we bring them here so that the locals can benefit from these services. I have individuals coming to our clinic but definitely through Wellspring, we have better contacts and we already had one neurosurgeon and a doctor for infertility cases. During this camp, the doctors are able to perform some surgeries and the major ones are referred to the MGM healthcare hospital in India.

Dr Madan Mohan is on his first visit to Seychelles and he has been examining people with chest pain, discomfort, shortness of breath, indigestion/heartburn, lightheadedness/dizziness, weakness/fatigue, irregular heartbeat, pain in the neck/jaw, faint spells, swelling in the legs/feet and pale gray skin colour.

“We are screening all the patients and detect the patients who are prone to heart attacks. The prospective patients would be people with long standing diabetes, hypertension, chronic smokers and family history of heart problem. With the basic investigation, we can detect what kind of treatment will be required. Nowadays we are focusing on patients who have valve problems. But with the newer technology, at the MGM healthcare hospital in Chennai, we are doing the valve replacement through the blood vessel and implant the valve in the heart. The patient can be discharged from the hospital within two or three days,” explained Dr Mohan.

Regarding gastroenterology consultations, Dr Deepak noted that “during this camp we are looking at all obesity and gastrointestinal disorders such as gallbladder stones, hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer, reflux disease and gastritis which are pretty common. We are also doing a surgical camp where we are doing basic surgical procedures here such as endoscopy. We have also an anesthetist with us to help us with the surgeries. We have also seen patients with morbid obesity. One category of patients requires surgery as treatment whereas the other category requires an endoscopic solution for weight loss. This is more of a camp to educate and help the patients understand their issue. The most common problem in Seychelles is obesity and acid reflux. The patients having a high BMI are prone to hypertension and diabetes and we are also referring the patients to come to MGM healthcare”.

Wellspring India Meditour Private Limited is a medical tourism facilitation company. “This is our second camp in the country with Dr Murthy’s Clinic. Seychelles being a small country, we try to identify the gaps and try to bring these services here. We have the ability to bring world known specialists and address the issues. Wellspring is an integrated, patient centric services platform for delivering incredibly seamless, high quality health care for the international medical tourist. Wellspring makes India’s medical prowess accessible to the rest of the world and strives to transcend physical boundaries to make the best of services available to all. We are working with the Health Care Agency to see how we can actually help fill in the gap,” said Ravindar Arcot, the director and global business head of Wellspring India Mediatour Pvt. Ltd.

Ajay Sekhar, vice-president operations at Wellspring, was also part of the consultant group.


Vidya Gappy

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