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World renowned fitness couple holidaying in Seychelles | 14 February 2020

World renowned fitness couple holidaying in Seychelles

Roaming the Golden Mile at Beau Vallon on Wednesday, I found myself captivated by a young couple effortlessly keeping fit at the gym by the beach. It was such an unusual scene that I was compelled to go talk to them.

To my surprise the lady, Biliana Yotovska and the husband Mitko Dimitrov are both bodybuilders’ world renowned champions.

Biliana Yotovska is a fitness model and a Bikini Fitness champion who won the title Las Vegas Flex magazine winner and two-time Balkan champion. She is also a healthy book writer and the creator of the Biliana Yotovska label.

As for her husband Mitko Dimitrov, he is a world champion in bodybuilding and a European champion in the heavy weight category.

They are holidaying in Seychelles with their nine-year-old daughter and are having a blast. Biliana gladly shared a few words with our newspaper. “I am from Bulgaria, I have my own sports label and I have written three books about healthy cooking. My husband is also a world champion in the heavy weight category. I met my husband 18 years ago in a beauty contest. I was a contestant and he was part of the security. Now we are together for the last 15 years.

“Seychelles is really a lovely place and every year during winter we go on holiday somewhere hot. This year we decided to come to Seychelles and we really like it. The people are very kind, the food is very delicious and the beaches are so nice and beautiful. We have been to Long Island, Ile Ronde, Moyenne Island and for Valentine’s Day, we will go to Praslin and La Digue.”

We share with our readers some photos of the bodybuilding couple.


Vidya Gappy


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