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56-year-old mason sentenced for possession of controlled drug | 22 February 2020

The Supreme Court has sentenced Vincent Delpeche, a 56-year-old self-employed mason of Anse Aux Pins, on his own guilty plea, firstly to a term of one­year imprisonment suspended for two years, for the offence of cultivation of a controlled drug (4 cannabis plants).

Secondly, for the offence of possession of a controlled drug (174.50 grammes of herbal cannabis) with intent to traffic, he was sentenced to one-year imprisonment which is suspended for two years and to run concurrently with the first sentence.

In respect of the second count, Delpeche is further sentenced to a fine of R10,000 payable by the end of April 2020, in default of which he shall serve six months imprisonment.

In reading out the sentence Chief Justice, Dr Mathilda Twomey, stated that she has taken into account the submissions before the court for Delpeche as a first offender, his medical illnesses, and that he has pleaded guilty on the very first occasion and has not wasted the court's time plus that he also has many dependents relying on him.

Delpeche was arrested for committing these offences by officers of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau (ANB) of the Seychelles Police Force, on October 28, 2019 with the mentioned drugs found in his possession at his residence at Anse Aux Pins.


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