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Local students to compete in first ever Olympiads | 22 February 2020

Students from across secondary state schools will gather at the University of Seychelles to compete in the National Academic Olympiad's Tournament on March 14, 2020.

This is the first year that the university will host the event.

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) officially launched the National Academic Olympiad yesterday at the UniSey campus in a press conference attended by the vice-chancellor of the university, Dr Justin Valentin; Dolivette Chang Ko, the marketing director; and Pricillina Durbarry, the assessment manager, all from UniSey, as well as students and lecturers of the institution.

As part of the national drive to promote creativity and find solutions to problems, as well as to create a platform for academically talented students to interact, the UniSey will be hosting this first ever National Academic Olympiad. This date is referred to as pi-day and is also the birthday of Albert Einstein.

“The main aim of the national Olympiad is to bring together academically talented students to compete with one another on one unique platform.”

“As part of our vision to make UniSey a university of choice, we have decided to bring ourselves closer to our prospective students. Hence the reason why we believe that right at the start of our next decade, we should relate more to schools,” said Dr Valentin.

He added that what is new with the Olympiad is that the university is hosting a variety of activities at one go and is creating space for one team per school to showcase their ‘polyvalence’ in a myriad of contests.

The vice-chancellor continued by stating that “For convenience, this year we have included only secondary schools, but our next future Olympiad will definitely include students from professional centres. In fact we are planning something big and more project oriented for the professional centres. Moreover, as part of our drive to make UniSey more relevant to the national context we are giving academically talented Seychellois students an activity to aspire to look for annually”.

The Olympiad will include academic categories in science, geography, English so as to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in various subjects.

Registration forms have been sent to schools and students have until next week to register.


Christophe Zialor


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