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SWASH launches its calendar of activities for 2020 | 04 March 2020

SWASH launches its calendar of activities for 2020

Last year’s winners of the different competitions receiving their prizes

The Seychelles Workers Association for Sports and Health, the body which has the task of taking up the challenge to organise sports and fitness activities in the workplaces, has launched its calendar of activities for the year.

The Seychelles Workers Association for Sports and Health (Swash) will be running its programmes in partnership with the Sports for All Unit within the National Sports Council (NSC) and once again its main aim will be to encourage unity and improve attitudes and relationships among the various local working organisations.

It also promotes a healthy behaviour, while allowing individuals who are not active at national league level to at least enjoy their favourite sports at a competitive level.

Originally, the event was held under the umbrella of the NSC and became very popular among the many work organisations that took part in the volleyball and football competitions on Friday afternoons.

Other than its health and fitness benefit, the activity also allows workers to socialise and build stronger bonds.

This year’s calendar includes football and volleyball leagues for men and women, nature walks, athletics, endurance challenges among other activities.

Like any other sporting organisation, Swash also has some rules and regulations with regards to its activities to which all registered members must abide by.

In terms of discipline, participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play, not only towards the officials, but also their opponents, teammates and spectators.

Any team who fail to be present for two consecutive matches shall be automatically removed from the league and all their points and goals will be cancelled.

All team should respect the time and fixture of the matches, while no players are allowed to play in two teams, unless a written letter of authorisation has been received from the first team as a transfer document.

Any team arriving 15 minutes late will lose by walkover and only players registered on the match sheet shall be authorised to play for the match.

Any organisation can register their teams and registration forms are available at the NSC headquarters at Stad Linite, Roche Caïman, while those seeking more information can contact telephone numbers 4671200 and 4671205 or email

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