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Jeo Jyoti Foundation sponsors yoga programme in homes for the elderly | 04 March 2020

Jeo Jyoti Foundation sponsors yoga programme in homes for the elderly

The elderly residents proudly pose with their yoga certificate in the company of guests (Photo: Jude Morel)

The Jeo Jyoti (JJ) Foundation recently completed a month’s yoga programme at the Anse Etoile Home for the Elderly and as the organisers they are running special programmes including yoga sessions at the homes for the elderly in Seychelles. Nine residents received their certificates after completing the sessions.

The residents, along with the administrators and the carers, joined the specially designed yoga fitness programmes with the active assistance of Dr Lalita Sancheti, a yoga instructor from the Indian high commission.

Surya Khanna, the chairman of the JJ Foundation noted that “these yoga sessions will be run in all the nine elderly homes in Seychelles, where the residents will be introduced on a yoga programme by regular sessions. The results of the yoga are extremely beneficial to the participants as demonstrated by four residents, who also took part in the recent Eco Friendly Marathon. Some of these participants were not even able to get up easily from the ground.”

He also noted that there are a number of other programmes for elderly that the Foundation is planning to execute, bringing the elderly in the mainstream of society even at their advanced age.

“Many of the elderly feel highly depressed being not only away from the families particularly the grand children, but also think themselves to be a burden on the society. This also gives extra load on the health care system. The special project for elderly is to keep them fit physically, mentally and emotionally along with engagement in the creative activities promoting importance of a cohesive family structure is being discussed with the Ministry of Family Affairs by the Jeo Jyoti Foundation. The ministry has shown keen interest in the project,” he added.

The Minister for Family Affairs, Mitcy Larue, was present at the event, and commended the effort of the Jeo Jyoti Foundation.

She also encouraged the residents to become active and start thinking of producing some stuff to sell thus contributing to more activities within the shelter.

“Age is only in our head and we need to live our lives with zeal and find activities to do. Once you stop, you start feeling old and depressed.”

The Indian high commissioner, General Dalbir Singh Suhag, talked about how the family values are disappearing and we need to encourage people to have their parents with them at home.

“We should not have more elderly homes as we need to take care of our parents. It should be our duty to give back to our parents and the society. I encourage you all to be active and keep doing exercise to stay healthy.”

Marie-France Pereira, the chief executive of the Seychelles Council for Elderly (SCE), showed active interest in the project, which is expected to rejuvenate the elderly at fairly advanced stage. The project is expected to give very favourable outcome and the elderly will also be able to contribute fruitfully in the progress of the country.


Compiled by Vidya Gappy

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