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International Women’s Day message ‘Women, you are more powerful than you think’ | 07 March 2020

“Individually we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and action – all day and everyday and collectively, each one of us can help to create a gender equal world.

“We celebrate this day annually on March 8 and this day offers us the opportunity to wish and thank all the amazing women in Seychelles and women all over the world for their acts of courage and determination, celebrate your achievements and for the part you have played in our everyday lives for our respective countries.

“International’s Women Day also celebrate the power of women and their rights and roles in our lives – and our individual actions, conversations and behaviours can also impact a larger society, by improving situations and challenging  stereotypes.

“As advise by the UN, “Mobilise to end gender-based violence and call on everyone to tackle the persistent barriers against gender equality and collectively, we can make change happen.

“Happy International Women’s Day to you all!

“Go out to fulfil your dreams in life and show the world what you can do – as you are more powerful than you think.”



Delta Ward Horner

Seychelles Women & Sports Association

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