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Minister Loustau-Lalanne wraps up workplace visits | 17 June 2019

Minister Loustau-Lalanne wraps up workplace visits

The Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, has wrapped up a series of visits to entities falling under the purview of the ministry.

His last visit on Mahé was at the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) offices, Independence House Annex.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne and his delegation was met by the chief executive of SIB, Cindy Vidot, and its deputy, Lenny Gabriel.

Ms Vidot welcomed and briefed the delegation on the latest developments at SIB and noted that they are doing their best to improve business environment in the country.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne discussed different issues with staff, such as the ease of doing business, the different processes for the setting up of a business here, among others.

Staff informed the minister that they are happy with their working environment, and for his part, Minister Loustau-Lalanne noted that he appreciates and commends the rebranding initiative to facilitate and advertise investment opportunities in Seychelles.

Other issues discussed were the need to amend the relevant laws and legislations when policies are being reviewed to ensure that it encompasses everything that has to do with the ease of doing business in Seychelles.

They also discussed the main events featured on SIB's calendar for this year, such as the Aquaculture Forum in August, the need for early preparation so that all relevant partners are on board.

Ms Vidot noted that foreign investors have pointed out that the approval process takes too long, whereas the Seychellois investors believe that the cost of doing business in Seychelles is too high.

SIB was set up in July 2004 as the one-stop window for domestic and foreign investors and to date has about 20 staff. SIB strives to offer first class services to promote, attract and retain investment as well as to work in close collaboration with key stakeholders to stimulate, identify and facilitate investment.

SIB is dedicated to promoting investment opportunities in Seychelles and furthermore facilitate the processes of establishing a business in Seychelles from scoping to implementation stages.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne encourages staff to continue deliver to the best of their abilities.

Following this visit at SIB, Minister Loustau-Lalanne travelled to Praslin and La Digue where he visited the Seychelles Licensing Authority, the Seychelles Pension Fund, banks, the Seychelles Revenue Commission, Seychelles Postal Services, STC, and L'Union Estate.

The accompanying photos show Minister Loustau-Lalanne touring the SIB offices.


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