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Seychelles Women Trust Fund (SWTF) – launch of 2020 programme | 10 March 2020

Invitation for the submission of projects for funding


The Seychelles Women Trust Fund (SWTF) which was set up in 2011 provides access to resources and support programmes that will enhance the lives of women and girls in Seychelles while promoting social justice and the creation of a social environment free from discrimination.

On March 8, 2020 the SWTF launched its 2020 programme through an advertising campaign on the media. The overall theme for this year is ‘Supporting Seychellois Women in Making Healthy Choices’.

The sub-themes are as follows: Prevention of obesity; improving women’s daily access to healthy food through the provision of support to projects that grow/manufacture fresh, affordable and safe products locally, and helping youths tackle alcohol and drug abuse, and dependency.

Funds are being made available through the SWTF for small and medium-sized projects and programmes that target the community within the above-mentioned areas.

Only project proposals from civil society groups, associations, NGOs and other ‘joint’ ventures will be considered at this point. No funding will be available for projects being promoted by individuals.

Project proposals need to include WHAT the project hopes to achieve (with a well-defined focus on the themes listed above); WHO the beneficiaries will be; WHO will implement the project; A TIME-TABLE for the implementation of the project, and a BUDGET figure.

According to the members of the SWTF, it is strongly recommended that the proposal document be kept short (1 to 3 pages).

Proposals can be sent by email to: and they can be contacted on the following telephone number 2646082.

Deadline for the submission of proposals is April 15, 2020.


Vidya Gappy


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