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Man and woman charged with drug trafficking | 21 March 2020

A man and a woman who were in police custody since Friday March 6, 2020 have been further remanded by the Supreme Court after being charged with the offence of trafficking in of a controlled drug.

The woman, a 41-year-old greengrocer, was arrested at her residence in Nouvelle Vallée, Beau Vallon, in possession of 22.38 grammes of heroin on Wednesday March 4, 2020 by officers of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau (ANB) of the Seychelles Police Force.

As for the man, a 23-year-old former student of the University of Seychelles (2016-2019), residing at Serret Road, St Louis, he was also arrested by the same ANB officers at Nouvelle Vallée, Beau Vallon slightly later after the arrest of the woman and 50.20 grammes of heroin was found in his possession.

After his arrest, a search was conducted by ANB officers at his girlfriend’s house where he usually resides and a sum of R54,550 in several local denominations were found inside the house. The man claimed that the money belonged to him and as per Court order same is still under seizure by ANB pending further investigation. His girlfriend and another male minor involved in this case were also arrested by ANB officers and then released.




Belgian hotel manager of Grand Anse Praslin faces drug importation charges


The Magistrate Court has released a 30-year-old Belgian hotel manager of Grand Anse Praslin who is facing the charge of importation of a controlled drug, approximately 20 grammes of suspected cannabis resin (hashish) which was in his possession on March 18, 2020 when he was arrested by ANB officers at his work place.

The Magistrate Court has released him on several strict conditions as stated below.

• Cash bail of R25,000 (already paid by the accused);

• To surrender his passport to the ANB (already in ANB custody until further notice);

• The immigration will be informed by the court that he is not allowed to travel unless being authorised by the court;

• He must report to Grand Anse Praslin police station everyday between 6am – 6pm;

• A curfew has been imposed on him that he is not to be seen in any public places after

6pm except at the hotel where he resides and work on Praslin;

• He must make himself available to the ANB at any time when he is requested to do so;

• If he breaks any of these conditions he will be remanded.

He will appear again before the Magistrate Court on April 2, 2020.




Unemployed man charged with drug trafficking


A 25-year-old unemployed man of Corgate Estate, who was being remanded since Thursday March 12, 2020, has been charged with the offence of trafficking in a controlled drug, 45.30 grammes of heroin and he has been released on several strict conditions as stated below.

• Cash bail of R25000 with one surety of R50,000;

• To report to Mont Fleuri police station every Friday;

• Not to commit any similar offence while on bail;

• Not to interfere with any witness during the investigation;

• Not to be arrested on similar offence as he will immediately be remanded;

• To surrender his passport to the Court and not allowed to travel.

The cash bail has been paid by his mother, who also signed the surety of R50,000 for her son.

The man was arrested in possession of the drug on Wednesday March 11, 2020 at Corgate Estate by ANB officers.


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