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Creole Scripture in audio format | 19 June 2019

The Seychelles Bible Society has announced that it will soon make an audio recording of the New Testament in our mother tongue, Kreol Seselwa, with the technical assistance of a husband-and-wife team from Kenya.

The audio recording will become property of the Seychelles Bible Society to distribute to Seychellois audiences at affordable costs.

This project is a progression of Scripture translation in Seychelles following the translation of the entire Bible in Kreol Seselwa in 2015. A work which took over a decade to complete and which meant the people of Seychelles could read the Word of God in their mother tongue, whether at home, at church, at school or anywhere.

The audio recording will mean that Seychellois will soon hear the Word in Creole on their digital devices anywhere, and be blessed, for faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

In view that an audio version of the Creole Bible is included in the society’s strategic plan, the Seychelles Bible Society was approached by Val Burek of Faith Comes By Hearing with the project of making an audio recording of the New Testament in Kreol Seselwa.

“We appreciate the opportunity to serve the Seychelles Bible Society by recording the Kreol Seselwa,” states Val Burek. “We know the people will be blessed when they hear the scriptures in their heart language!”

The project will be carried out over a period of four to five weeks following auditions for reading roles which will be held this month. At least eight men, two women and one boy are needed for various roles, as well as two proof-readers who will need to ensure that the recording matches the printed text word-for-word and to assist the recording team in understanding culturally specific expressions. Incentives will be given at the end of the project to each selected at the audition.

“We have been enrolling voice artists for the audition,” says Margaret Maillet, executive secretary of the Seychelles Bible Society.

She has called on all who can fluently read Kreol Seselwa to be part of this meaningful and important project.

“We are confident that, by God’s grace, we will have all the voice artists we need to make the recording a success. We now look forward to welcoming Reuben and Jacinta, whom we are grateful to God for, to our beautiful islands and we aim to provide all the support they need while they are here.”

Reuben and Jacinta Musau, from Faith Comes by Hearing, arrived on Monday this week and are lodging in an apartment at Ma Constance where they will also be making the audio recordings. The team, who have experience in making audio recordings of Scripture, have just returned from a similar trip in a neighbouring country. They have come fully equipped to turn the recording location into a suitable studio and will use the few weeks they are here to work intensely on their project.

This project is being carried out and fully funded by international organisation Faith Comes by Hearing; the Seychelles Bible Society’s role is to provide support to facilitate the project until its completion. Faith Comes by Hearing partners with organisations worldwide which share its vision to make God’s Word available to everyone and it focuses on recording audio Scriptures, making them easily accessible.

All who wish to be a part of this important project as voice artists or proof readers are being asked to contact the Seychelles Bible Society on 2588066 or 2567735.



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