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National Disaster Relief Fund to accept contributions for coronavirus emergency | 27 March 2020

The National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) will funnel donations to frontline organisations and individuals who want to give any financial support towards mitigating COVID-19 pandemic.

NDRF was set up by the government in January 2013 under the Public Finances Management Act with the aim of raising money and giving assistance to persons in cases of emergencies such as epidemics, floods, fires, tsunamis, landslides, other natural causes and contamination of hazardous substances.

The chairperson of NDRF, Lekha Nair, said: “In times of a national emergency such as this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that there is one clear route for people to give financial support if and when they want to, and for that money to get where it is needed without delay. This is exactly what NDRF was set up to do.”

The launch of the fund comes in response to the department of health, the central authority responding to COVID-19, being overwhelmed with offers of assistance in various forms, from businesses and individuals keen to support, in the efforts to contain the impact of the pandemic. The fund will provide a single collection point for public donations before distributing them as quickly as possible.

NDRF was set up following the Felleng flooding, to co-ordinate disaster fundraising responses and to provide a trusted channel for people who want to donate but are unsure how to, or who to give to. An amount of R57 million was raised in 2013 mostly from governments, multinational and international organisations, as well as the public and private companies and individuals in the country. The funds raised were mostly used to assist with the Felleng disaster recovery programme, targeted towards financial assistance to individuals such as farmers, fishermen and small businesses, and also towards rebuilding public infrastructure, such as retaining walls, bridges, gutters, roads and water draining outlets, following the natural disaster.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 is clearly both a global and national emergency. While there is much that government can and is doing, there is also a strong desire from the public to help, despite tough and uncertain times. There are also many local grassroots organisations that have expressed their desire to provide vital support to people who need it,” continued Mrs Nair.

Bernard Pool, who along with Mrs Nair are the longest serving board members since 2005, having served on the first National Emergency Foundation, prior to NDRF, also added: “We are liaising very closely with the health authorities and other responders to support their resource priority needs.”

The board of NDRF is donating US $159,000 from their existing funds for the procurement of a much-needed back-up PCR machine (virus testing machine), that will help immensely with early detection, to save lives.

Members of the public, bodies and corporate organisations wishing to offer any assistance towards the situation or willing to donate any sponsorships are being called upon to contact NDRF’s secretary on 2619960 or on 4294652, or email at, for any contributions even in kind, that they may wish to make.

Alternatively, funds can be transferred directly to NDRF’s two accounts at Nouvobanq, but the donor must inform the secretary of the contributions made, so that the receipt is acknowledged:

Nouvobanq account of NDRF

For US dollars- Account No 32-0-02-043457-00-4

The swift code is NOVHSCSC.

For Seychelles Rupees - Account No 01-0-02-043457-00-4


All cheques should be made out to National Disaster Relief Fund and sent to the chairperson at Caravelle House.

The National Disaster Relief Fund board is mandated to keep proper records and is committed to the highest standard of ethics and transparency.


Communique from the National Disaster Relief Fund


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