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National Assembly

Assembly members give health workers a standing ovation | 08 April 2020

Assembly members give health workers a standing ovation

Members of the National Assembly yesterday applauded and show appreciation to all health workers through a standing ovation on the occasion of their day.

In a message to mark Health Workers’ Day yesterday, National Assembly Speaker Nicholas Prea noted that there are 1440 minutes in each day meaning each one of us has 1440 opportunities each day to make a positive impact in our own lives as well as in the lives of other people.

“It is exactly in this way that I see our health workers who are dedicating each of those minutes to make a difference in the lives of others. They are the group of health workers working on the frontline to serve our people in all instances where medical assistance is required. Our doctors, midwives, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and not to forget all the many support personnel including those working in the communities, are the backbone of an effective health system and services,” Speaker Prea pointed out.

He went on to note that health workers are present with us and form part of our everyday lives as care givers, educators, are part of our families, are our friends, neighbours, women and men who make a difference by the nature of the services they offer.

Speaker Prea stressed that it is important to recognise the importance of human resource development in our country’s socio-economic advancement.

“No country can develop and attract investors if it does not have a healthy workforce which can deliver to its maximum. It is our health workers who are on the frontline to ensure we remain in good health through all the professional services they provide our citizens.

Speaker Prea has appealed to all employers in the health sector – public and private to continue exploring ways to better remunerate our health workers so they remain committed and engaged in this noble profession.

“We as legislators will give our support to ensure their roles are well recognised and they are well remunerated especially now where the whole world is facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and Seychelles has not been spared.

Speaker Prea congratulated all health workers who are working tirelessly and placing themselves at risk in the current situation to ensure the necessary care to people affected while seeking ways to keep the pandemic situation under control in the most competent and professional manner. Mr Prea also appealed to all Seychellois to seriously heed the advice of health professionals to keep themselves and their families safe and to take the responsibility for their own health more seriously.

Speaker Prea has also called on the government to invest more in the development and training of health workers so they are always well prepared to deal with the eventualities of an epidemic or pandemic.

“Health Workers Day is commemorated during one day but the noble profession they do should be recognised throughout the year,” Speaker Prea noted.

For his part the leader of government business Charles de Commarmond also congratulated all health professionals both here and abroad and commended the noble work they do every day while putting their own health at risk.

He noted that health professionals the world over are the ones who take the lead in the battle against all epidemics and pandemics and the sacrifices they make are enormous.

“Health professionals also work extra hours and face extremely difficult situations which often we all tend to forget, not to notice, not to recognise and valorise and we are not grateful to them. Today is the day to publicly thank them for the noble work they do, for their devotion and commitment to their vocation,” Mr de Commarmond stressed while calling on them to remain committed and engaged in what they do.

He has also called on our people to think of all health workers, to respect and support them but not to abuse and insult them.

Mr de Commarmond also had words of encouragement for Dr Jude Gedeon and his team on the frontline in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  

When it was his turn to address the health workers, the leader of the opposition Wavel Ramkalawan said we are lucky to be blessed with people who through their medical expertise, know-how, compassion and ability are there to assist us all the times we fall ill.

He also commended and thanked the herbal and spiritual healers and leaders who are also there to help us in numerous ways with their herbal effusions and spiritual comfort and support.

“When we are thinking of our health workers it is also important to have a special thought for everyone who work in the hospital environment namely the cleaners and all those workers involved in other work who assist the health workers and help them raise the standard and quality of health we all expect,” Mr Ramkalawan stressed.

He went on to note that often times health workers sacrifice their personal and family lives just to be there for us when we are sick and to ensure we receive the care we need so our thoughts go out to all of them especially those in quarantine in relation to the COVID-19.

Mr Ramkalawan has called on the government to consider locking down the country to better deal with the first case of the COVID-19 community transmission.

He also called for better treatment of health workers, recognition for their noble work and that they be remunerated accordingly and not just given vague promises which are soon evaporated.

To the health workers themselves, Mr Ramkalawan has called on them to treat all their patients and people who seek their help well, to address all their concerns to the best of their abilities and to talk to them as often times their words of encouragement, the care, attention they give, the compassion and love they show form the greatest part of the treatment than the medication itself.

Mr Ramkalawan also expressed heartfelt sympathy to the Moustache family who lost one of their members in Italy last week. Mrs Greta Moustache was a devoted health professional known and appreciated by many.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

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