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IOT is looking for 80 women, 20 men to start work immediately | 22 April 2020

There are at present jobs for 80 women and 20 men at the Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT) canning factory and since Friday last week the company has launched an aggressive recruitment campaign on the media to try and get interested people who do not have a job to come forward to fill in these vacant posts hopefully by the end of April and beginning of May.

Answering Seychelles NATION ‘s questions on the large number of vacant posts, the IOT’s human resources manager, Helda Port-Louis, pointed out that these “are ongoing vacancies that are part of our continuous work to meet the requirements of our customers, especially as we are seeing increases in demands at the moment. And that these positions were not previously occupied by foreigners.”

She went on to add that to make the positions even more attractive to local candidates, the IOT has decided to offer fixed term contracts for the shop floor/production jobs which are available to both men and women. These will initially be for a duration of six months and come with an attractive package.

“This a great opportunity to join the Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT) team,” Ms Port-Louis remarked.

She went on to point out that as the IOT is a food processing plant, all candidates will have to do a food handler test and of course as a result only candidates declared fit for work will be retained.

Meanwhile all persons interested in taking up those posts can call the IOT on 4282500 during working hours for more details. On the job training will also be provided.

Ms Port-Louis further added that the IOT aims to fill the vacant positions before the end of April but this could be extended into May if necessary.

“Other than the radio recruitment we had already planned several recruitment campaigns, which would have taken place directly in town and in the community this year. However, due to the current restrictions on movement as a result of COVID-19, we have had to find other means to reach the public and this is through continued advertisement of vacant positions in newspapers and on JOBO,” Ms Port-Louis explained.

She said the IOT is also working closely with the Ministry of Employment and welcomes any support from local agencies meaning that any of them can refer candidates by getting in touch with the IOT on 4282500 or email on

Ms Port-Louis added that since the launch of the radio advert on Friday, the response so far has been positive with a number of people getting in touch to express their interest.

“We would like to inform everyone that the IOT will organise the necessary movement permit with the police for them to be able to commute to work,” Ms Port-Louis highlighted.

But what will happen if the IOT is not able to recruit the number of employees it is seeking? Will this not affect its operations?

Ms Port-Louis replied: “We will continue to work to meet the demands of customers and consumers worldwide so they can continue to enjoy our products.”


Marie-Anne Lepathy

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