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Seychelles embassy in Cuba assists stranded Palauan students | 08 May 2020

The department of Foreign Affairs would like to refer to an article published in RNZ News (New Zealand’s public broadcaster) on May 6, 2020 entitled ‘Cuba offers doctors to Palau, helps stranded Palauan students’ (see link

The article mentions how one of our missions overseas, in this case the Seychelles embassy in Havana, Cuba, has come to the assistance of another country, Palau.

Ambassador Lalatiana Accouche of the Seychelles embassy in Cuba is offering a helping hand to two Palauan students currently studying in Cuba. In fact, the request for assistance came from the Palauan permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ngedikes Olai Uludong, to his Seychelles counterpart, Ambassador Ronny Jumeau, who then called on Ambassador Accouche for her assistance. Unlike Seychelles, Palau does not have a resident ambassador in Cuba and the Palauan students find themselves stranded during this COVID-19 crisis.

Ambassador Accouche has been providing advice and guidance to all Seychellois students in Cuba and is also grateful for the assistance of Cuban doctors (who previously worked in Seychelles) to the Seychellois students who are based in other Cuban cities.

In fact, all our missions overseas play a key role in representing the interests of Seychelles and in developing international relations and cooperation, which all nations and the international system depend on.


Press release from the department of Foreign Affairs

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