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Bad weather, heavy rains hit Mahé | 13 May 2020

Heavy rains which lasted a short time hit parts of Mahé yesterday morning, especially the east, central and northern regions, causing huge puddles on the roads in different parts of the town area.

An advisory of bad weather with heavy rains in some places had been issued by the Met office since Monday evening for either late that evening or starting early Tuesday.

Vincent Amelie, the chief executive of the Seychelles Meteorological Authority, said yesterday that the bad weather condition and heavy rains is the result of a cloud system coming from the south east of Mahé which has gradually developed and moved in our region.

“It is necessary therefore that the condition is graded as an orange colour warning advising people to be on alert and to start taking serious precautions as there may be flooding in some areas thus affecting visibility,” advised Mr Amelie on the national media.

The condition was expected to last until late afternoon yesterday following which it will stabilise a bit. But Mr Amelie noted that the Met office’s weather predictions show that for the next 24 hours and today (Wednesday) more rain is expected but its intensity will be monitored as experience has shown that when such a system hits, its impact tends to be more severe at the beginning but rain reduces in the 2nd phase.

“So there is a great possibility that the maximum rain fell today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) if we receive some more rain it will not be as intense,” Mr Amelie pointed out, noting that people will be given more advice as the Met office continues to monitor the conditions.


Marie-Anne Lepathy



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