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Cancer Concern Organisation (CCA) | 18 May 2020

Cancer Concern Organisation (CCA)

New management committee

On the field to educate and support cancer patients and their families


The Cancer Concern Association (CCA) was established with the objectives to educate the public on cancer and to assist and support cancer patients and their families during their times of need.

In the journey to achieve its mandate and objectives, CCA, together with its partners, organisations and individuals, remain continuously proactive.  

In February this year, CCA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which fresh elections for the new management committee was undertaken. The team has embarked on an innovative way to assist, advocate and offer support to patients and their family members.

To commemorate World Cancer Day on February 4, CCA joined with the Ministry of Health on a march starting from the ministry to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Scouts organisation, school children and the public came out in force to give their support. There was a praise and worship service giving thanks for the recuperation of our cancer patients and praying for those on treatments both local and overseas. 

CCA has also teamed up with Pro-wash and PURE907 radio station to raise awareness on cancer. Such events also enable our sponsors in assisting to raise funds to support patients and projects that CCA undertakes. Committee members and volunteers interacted and gave information through pamphlets to people who attended.

COVID-19 period brought a lot of things to a standstill, but for cancer patients, this time was a trialing one. Patients continued to be diagnosed and treatment of cancer patients went on. As a result, CCA became increasingly active, and had to rethink of alternative ways to continue its mandate and provide the support needed. Through social media and telephone contacts, CCA continued to keep in touch with patients. Its Facebook page was updated with current issues and relaying information that was pertinent and current.

During this period, CCA was also invited to give advice and guidance to support patients and family members through a radio programme. Information on how to stay safe, pursue with their treatment plan, having good nutrition, how to cope with anxiety, fears were some of the topics we covered. Our aim was to give coping strategies during the COVID-19 isolation period and offer support through a very difficult time. Some of our members also helped patients by offering to do their shopping and pay utility bills.

CCA continues to educate the public on prevention for cancer, the month of March focuses on Ovarian Cancer. A member of the team took part in a radio programme to give information and raise awareness.

For International Nurses’ day, CCA showed its gratitude to nurses at the Oncology Unit and the Hospice. We acknowledge that in the past few months, with COVID-19, it has been increasingly hard and stressful for our nurses to cope. As a goodwill gesture and recognition to the work our nurses do to support cancer patients, CCA treated the staff with a token of gratitude and expressed our appreciation.

The Association wishes to continue its work and implement new projects for the year; however for the time being, many projects are on hold until the public health restrictions are removed. Our calendar of events will continue to put patients and families first and in line with our mandate CCA will continue to engage and educate the public, but most of all advocate for cancer patients.  

CAA would like to remind the public of its helpline number; 2522440 and email; because “You never have to be alone”.


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