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Pillay R Group, Calidad Pascual show appreciation to health care workers and police officers | 20 May 2020

Pillay R Group, Calidad Pascual show appreciation to health care workers and police officers

A souvenir photograph after the handover ceremony (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

To show their gratitude for all the hard work the department of health and the police department did during the COVID-19 crisis, Pillay R Group in collaboration with Calidad Pascual donated R280,000 worth of yoghurt, milk and toys to the two departments.

The donation was made by the group’s chairman, Ramu Pillay, who presented the token of appreciation to the deputy chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Kathleen Cecile, and assistant superintendent Hendrick Leon.

“A lot of people worked together during the COVID crisis. Even though we are not out of the woods yet, but today we wanted to thank the two major entities who were at the forefront of public safety and show them our gratitude,” said Mr Pillay.

He added that during the lockdown most people were at home with their families unlike the two groups of essential workers, so Pillay R Group wanted to give them something that they could enjoy with their families.

“We still need to work together because Seychelles might not have any active cases for now but the virus is still very active in other parts of the world. So we need to be very careful and listen to the department of health, with this opportunity Pillay R Group would like to thank everybody who helped during the outbreak,” said the Pillay R Group chairman.

On her part, Mrs Cecile thanked Pillay R Group and Calidad Pascual for their donation.

“This gesture shows the appreciation for the hard work of all health care staff during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Mrs Cecile.

Assistant superintendent Leon shared the same sentiment as the deputy CEO, stating that “we want to thank you, and for us what we did forms part of the job but we are very grateful for the recognition given to us today by Mr Pillay”.

Both departments noted that the donation will be distributed evenly to all their workers.


Christophe Zialor



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