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President assents to two pieces of legislation | 20 May 2020

President Danny Faure yesterday assented to two Acts – the Children (Amendment) Act 2020 and the Defence (Amendment) Act 2020 – which were passed by the National Assembly last week, and which were received yesterday for his assent.

The Children (Amendment) Act 2020, which was passed by the National Assembly on Tuesday May 12, provides for the further protection of children, for the abolition of corporal punishment against children, and for giving effect to the requirements of international conventions on children’s rights.

The Defence (Amendment) Act 2020 was passed by the National Assembly on Wednesday May 13.  Under the Act, the Seychelles Coast Guard will serve as a military service organisation of the Seychelles Defence Forces, and will contribute to the defence of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Seychelles, particularly in relation to the maritime zones of Seychelles. 

The Coast Guard will also have the necessary powers for law enforcement relating to any crimes within the Seychelles maritime zones.


Press release from State House

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