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Letter to the editor - The threat to Human life would come from the Enfant terrible | 22 May 2020

It was with great interest and amusement that I read Mr Barry Laine’s article and musings (published in the May 19 issue of Seychelles NATION).

His prophecy about the end of the world could ring true; but not at the hands of Mother Nature.

Life has a tendency and an affinity to life. Wherever and whenever life meets an obstacle, she mutates, adapts and carries on in a different form and function; and humans are part of life. Even COVID-19 has failed to kill more than 5% of the population, and even then, disproportionately of the weak and vulnerable.

But, this is where Life changed forever; when Mother Nature created Humans.

Humans are the Enfant Terrible, they have managed (or mis-managed) life, so much so, that they populate, control, decimate, construct, etc. on a scale un-preceded on Earth. Many scientists have proposed that the threat to Human life could come from the smallest of organisms. This threat would not come from Mother Nature but from the Enfant terrible; he would create organisms far more destructive than Mother Nature ever could. Nowadays, scientists can create mutations and new species faster than Mother Nature ever could.

Mr Laine has categorised seven scenarios fuelled by greed. Many famous people and organisations before him have already done so. But, all of them have missed the most obvious or been too timid to state the most obvious. THE WORLD IS OVER-POPULATED BY HUMANS!!!

The world has finite resources and the world is overpopulated by a factor of ten. So our unchecked and growing population is quickly depleting the world’s resources.

The saviour of the world is the man who can persuade the people of the world to limit the population to a sustainable level. As THANOS said, “Your world was dying, and I saved them, and look how beautiful and prosperous they are now.” (From the film, Avengers, Infinity Wars.)


B. Chung Faye




The views expressed in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Seychelles NATION newspaper.







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