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GSC opens second Chop Shop Meat & Deli in strategic location at Anse Royale | 28 May 2020

GSC opens second Chop Shop Meat & Deli in strategic location at Anse Royale

Mr Gopal surrounded by his staff

A year after opening its first Chop Shop Meat & Delioutlet in Grosvenor House at Pointe Larue opposite the Seychelles International Airport’s cargo terminal, the Global Supply Centre (PTY) LTD yesterday opened its second outlet in more spacious environment in the heart of Anse Royale.

According to the general manager of the new Anse Royale Chop Shop, Venu Gopal, a remarkable number of people had gathered outside at the entrance just before the shop opened for the first time at 8am.

Mr Gopal said Anse Royale being the second town, it is therefore fitting to set up this kind of business there.

“With our complete product portfolio we wanted to have a supermarket that would give a great shopping experience to everyone who visit us,” Mr Gopal said.

Specialising more in wholesale, GSC sells high quality products to hotels but has for some time now been venturing into retail as well.

“We have decided to also bring quality products at affordable prices to the local consumers as well,” Mr Gopal remarked.

The Chop Shop Meat & Deli at Anse Royale boasts a large variety of meat cuts as well as seafood, processed products like sausages, ham, bacon, cheese, yogurt, milk, different snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned products, soft drinks, juices, wine, beer, confectionaries… Shoppers will also have a variety of basmati rice, pasta and noodles to choose from and not to forget a range of toiletry items and cleaning products which are also available.

The shop supervisor, Dora Gédeon, noted that the new outlet at Anse Royale is more spacious and has a larger variety of products.

She noted that the opening day has been very exciting with consumers coming in groups.

“It was an opportunity for them to have a good look at what is available and the prices so they can come back and shop later. But the most popular items today were the different pastries made at the Chop Shop bakery at Pointe Larue,” Ms Gédeon stated.

“It is really great to have such a shop in our district as it will be easier for us and we will not have to travel to town for the meat we need for the weekend. Anse Royale until now did not have a meat shop and I am really happy as the shop has a variety of other products as well,” an enthusiastic lady customer told me.

Now that the wait by consumers in the southern and western region is over, they can enjoy special promotion sales with discounted prices up to June 6.

The shop is open seven days a week Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm and on Sunday from 9am to 8pm.

“Our prices are very competitive as consumers will discover as we import, package and sell directly to them with no middlemen involved in between,” Mr Gopal remarked.

He pointed out that 80% of the employees of the outlet are Seychellois adding the Creole atmosphere and ambiance to the wonderful shopping experience.

Mr Gopal admitted though that searching around for the right venue with enough space inside for the business as well as a wholesale unit and parking space was not easy.

He noted that it has taken over two years of negotiation to secure the venue in the newly constructed building in a strategic spot opposite the Anse Royale Market and Olé Restaurant. It took another six months to do all the necessary installation works and lay-out of the shop as well as bringing in all the products. More delay came about with the COVID-19 pandemic but Mr Gopal said finally they are happy with their hard work and they are sure consumers will appreciate the large variety to choose from as well as the possibility to buy products in bulk.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

Photos: Joena Meme

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