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International Children’s Day messages | 01 June 2020

International Children’s Day messages

Minister Larue

‘The absence of festivities should not deter you from being joyous’


“Today my ministry joins the leaders in the country, parents and you dear children to not only celebrate your special day but also reflect on issues that are important for your well-being.

“A wise person rightly said that children are blank papers on which you can paint anything and whatever happens during childhood years is like cement, hard to erase. This clearly denotes their vulnerability, which exposes them to the dangers of absorbing wrongful habits and practices as well as being taken advantage of by predators. Over the years, children’s rights have been a long contentious issue. Today, families, the community and society in general become more conscious of the atrocities of child abuse. This bears evidence as to why children need rights to guarantee their best interests. The government, through policy makers and child protection professionals remain committed to reinforcing new measures and laws to safeguard our children, irrespective of the challenges.

“Dear children, with the present pandemic situation, your day will be exceptional this year. On this special day, the absence of festivities at your educational institutions should not deter you from being joyous. Too often, the simple but precious things of your existence are taken for granted. Therefore, I urge you all to be happy for the joy of life, the air you breathe and the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Be grateful to your parents, guardians and caring individuals who support and guide you on your journey.

“Enjoy the power of friendship, the sense of security and for existing in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Seychelles.

“Remember that you too have ideas about how you want to paint your picture. So, as responsible children, you have the duty for self-respect, to care for others, and respect each others’ rights. Despite adversities and shortcomings, make the most of your studies, and remain focus. As you progress from childhood through adolescence to young adults, you will face challenges. May these challenges equip you with ways to attain your goals, be resilient and become hard working citizens. With such positive elements, the right attitude towards life, the love of others and a positive community, you will surely paint a fascinating picture of what you want to achieve

“I call on all parents and care givers to continue to guide our children to grow up in a safe environment and allow them to live their dreams and pave a bright future for them.

“Happy children’s day to all children in Seychelles.”


Mitcy Larue

Minister for Family Affairs

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