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‘Happy Children’s Day’ | 01 June 2020

‘Happy Children’s Day’

Mr Matombe

“This is a wish which comes from the bottom of my heart to all the children of Seychelles – I am so incredibly thankful for all the children I have been lucky enough to work with over the years at the National Council for Children (NCC). I have been blessed to come across some of the most beautiful little faces and innocent smiles and purity of hearts which will stay forever unfaded in my memory.

“I’ve worked with a lot of children and every single child has taught me something new, pointed out a new way to look at the world, and challenged me to understand that Yes! It takes a village to raise a child.

“For the first time in Seychelles, Children’s Day is being celebrated in what everyone has baptised as the ‘new normal’. It has come with mixed emotions for the many children who have wanted to resume pre-COVID celebrations such as in hugging each other, dancing, sports, theatre, the need to be ‘socially switched on’ all the time running about laughing and basically being active.

“There are different rules, routines and procedures like sanitising and washing hands which teachers and parents are helping you with and communicating regularly to ensure everyone is aware of the changes.

“I will now encourage you children to follow the public health’s guidance to help keep people safe: You have heard a lot about the coronavirus and some strange things are happening that may make you afraid or worried. Please try not to be worried. Lots of brilliant grown-ups are helping sort this tricky problem. These clever women and men are giving us some very clear guidance and working hard to help us.

“So many incredible services have responded with energy and determination to help ensure that children remain safe from harm at this crucial time. They are there, ready and willing to provide advice, care, comfort and support because we all believe that childhood should be filled with joy, hope, unconditional love, and acceptance.  

“Tragically, however, far too many of our Nation’s young people spend the foundational time of their lives in fear, pain, and uncertainty, enduring abuse and neglect that threatens their health and well-being.

“Organisations like the NCC and the Ministry of Family affairs, the ministries of health and of education, the police and the judiciary are committed to fighting the abuses and supporting families by promoting policies that can help children thrive in a positive and healthy environment.

“Today, my message to you children: is to believe in yourselves – You have what it takes, do what it takes to live your best.

“Every one of you is born into your own unique form of genius.

“I know that every one of you wants to succeed. Every one of you wants to learn. Every one wants to cross the proverbial finishing line.

“Parents, teachers, leaders – Help our children to understand the magnitude of their potential. Help them to persevere no matter what – teach them to be resilient to believe in their dream and not to give up ever.

“Dear children, now is the time to work hard at school, to enjoy your childhood – so be kind, be hopeful and talk to the people who love you.

“Stay safe, be strong – There is hope for tomorrow – you are our hope of a brighter future – There is reason to hope.

“I annan lespwar – Sesel i annan lespwar.”


Jean-Claude Matombe

Chief executive of NCC

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