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‘Enjoy your special day to the fullest’ | 01 June 2020

‘Enjoy your special day to the fullest’

“To all the children of Seychelles, smile, rejoice and celebrate this special day dedicated to you! May you enjoy it to the fullest.

“Children’s Day is a joyous occasion that brings us together to honour the children in our lives and celebrate the gift of childhood. On this special occasion, let us appreciate the joy and happiness they bring to the world.

“In commemorating this day, we should also take a moment to reflect on our achievements in safeguarding the well-being of our young children. Over the past decades we have achieved marked progress in providing infants and young children with quality care and education. Nevertheless, our efforts must be geared towards achieving even better results. As a nation, we must do everything in our power to provide our children with a safe and nurturing childhood. Today, let us reaffirm our obligations towards the wholesome development of our children and pave the way towards a healthy and bright future for them.

“As I write this year’s message, I cannot but be reminded that this year’s children’s day falls at one of the most difficult moments of our time. The coronavirus has brought many unfamiliar situations for children and they need our support more than ever if they are to reach their full potential. Children are strong and full of potential but we have a vital part to play in helping them understand and adjust to any challenges that the future may hold.

“Although, today’s celebration may be different from previous years, let us not dampen our children’s spirits or ours. Let us continue to remain joyful and teach them to appreciate even the small things in life.

“On this note, I wish to thank all personnel in the Early Childhood Care and Education Sector, especially the childcare providers and educators, for going above and beyond their call of duty to keep our children safe and to guarantee the continuity of their learning and development in this time of uncertainty. Your response has been remarkable and for that, the IECD and its staff salute you.

“Our gratitude also goes to all of our partners, including members of IECD board, government, parents, media professionals, the business community, civil society organisations and the people of Seychelles for your continued support and commitment towards ensuring that our children are given a winning start in life.

“It is important that we continue on this collaborative path of work. We must strive to work together and to act now to rebuild and reimagine an even better childhood for our young children, as they deserve the best of everything.

“Remember, our children are our future. Let us therefore continue to forge ahead establishing the right type of education, care and nurturing to guarantee that children will grow up healthy and ready to take on the future.

“I wish all Children a Happy Children’s Day!”


Shirley Choppy

Chief executive of IECD

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