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Athletics - Eco-Friendly virtual runs | 10 June 2020

Athletics - Eco-Friendly virtual runs

In common with other countries, the Eco-Friendly Run committee is holding virtual runs.  Until the social distancing restrictions are relaxed we will not be able to set up a normal run and virtual runs may be interesting for some of us.

If there are sufficient numbers interested we plan to hold one run per week as of June 1. As some of us may be a little unfit after this long holiday, we intend to start with a 3km run as well as 5km and 10km runs.



In each week you make a run either on a treadmill or on a piece of road near your home for a timed distance.  You choose where you want to run, when you want to run and you time yourself over the distance. Send us your results and we will group you within your category and publish the results on our Facebook page during the following week.

For those who have a treadmill this can be easily achieved on the treadmill.  Set the distance and measure the time taken.

For those without access to a treadmill but who have a running watch that shows the distance run, then time your run over the distance and send it to us. Should you exceed the virtual run distance, then if you send the time and the distance you measured, we will calculate your time over the virtual distance and extrapolate to the virtual distance.

For those who have neither access to a treadmill, nor have a running watch, provided you have an ordinary watch, we will publish details of 3km routes along the road near you that are the exact Virtual Run distances and you just time yourself running these routes. For 5km and 10km, you can run any of the Eco Friendly marathon routes at Beau Vallon, Bel Ombre, Port Glaud, Perseverance, Providence, Anse Royale, Praslin Grand Anse, Praslin Baie St Anne and La Digue.

Send your results to us together with your bib number that you ran with for the 2020 Beau Vallon event in February.  If you did not receive a bib then send your name, gender, date of birth and phone number together with your results, or you can come to the office here in Ocean Gate House and have a bib issued to you.



For the whole month of June, the organisers are offering an easy 3km run for the not so fit, together with a longer 5km run and a 10km run for the stalwarts.

They have worked out some 3km and 5km courses around the islands for those without a running watch, however if you want one in your area, please let the organisers know and they can make one convenient for you.

Send your results to the Eco Friendly Run office at Oceangate House Annexe which is open each weekday from about 9am to 4pm and you are always welcome to visit.




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