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Message by President Danny Faure on the occasion of International Public Service Day – June 23 | 23 June 2020

Message by President Danny Faure on the occasion of International Public Service Day – June 23

President Danny Faure

‘Innovating and transforming public services and institutions for sustainable development’


“On the occasion of the annual international observance of the Public Service Day on June 23, I have the honor to address my message of support, encouragement an appreciation to all public servants on the occasion of this day.

“International Public Service Day is about celebrating the efforts of all those wo work tirelessly to provide services that ensure that the people of Seychelles whom they serve have access to uninterrupted services that are required for public order, public safety, and for promoting economic growth.

“Our public service continues to operate on the principles of good governance, with transparency and accountability. The Office of the Public Service Appeal Board, the Ombudsman and others ensure that mechanisms exist to investigate claims against any malpractice, and to provide redress.

“In 2020, the concept of the public service has been stretched by the exigencies created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Government has had to stretch out to take care of private sector workers whose livelihoods have been compromised.

“Our dedicated doctors, nurses and other health workers deserve special mention on this Public Service Day. They have bravely battled the COVID-19 pandemic, taking huge personal risks to save all those infected by the pandemic in Seychelles. They have continued to guide us to protect ourselves and prepare us for new normal as we gradually re-open our economy.

“As general members of the public we have also taken part in responding to innovation in the way we use digital services and online apps to achieve what we used to do before in person at various service points. Our public sector organisations are gearing for this new digital economy; this is indeed in line with the theme of International Public Service Day for 2020 which is ‘Innovating and Transforming Public Services and Institutions for Sustainable Development’. I commend the initiatives being taken by public service organisations in achieving this goal.

I would like to once again thank all public servants for their dedication and hard work in serving the public with courtesy, discipline and the best possible standards.

“I wish you all a very happy Public Service Day.”


Source: Office of the President

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