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National Assembly

Assembly completes review of its Standing Orders | 26 June 2020

In a half-day sitting yesterday National Assembly members went through the last of a series of remaining propositions for discussion and amendments before completing the review of the Standing Orders.

Led by the chairperson of the Standing Orders Committee, Hon. Bernard Georges, among the points members addressed included: proposition to in future address the Chair standing instead of sitting down.

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) MNA Jean-François Ferrari remarked that it is not only more comfortable for members to stand when speaking but it also puts you more in control of yourself.

With the exception and provision for members and other people with a possible disability, the House agreed to accept the provision.

Respect for the Assembly, the national anthem, members’ dress code were also discussed.

Propositions for review which raised a lot of discussions were related to the procedures surrounding the submission and withdrawal of private members’ bills and other public bills, the first and second readings of bills, amendment of bills as well as the creation and appointment of standing committees and select committees.

The newly reviewed document will now be returned to the Assembly next week to be formally adopted by the House.

Following the completion of the review the leader of the opposition Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan on behalf of the Assembly thanked Hon. Georges for a job well done.

“Hon. Georges has put his wealth of experience and knowledge in this remarkable exercise leading members to review the Assembly’s Standing Orders,” Hon. Ramkalawan pointed out. He also commended all other members of the committee for their support in the exercise.

For his part, Hon. Georges also had words of gratitude to everyone who assisted him in one way or another to make the exercise a success.

The Assembly resumes its normal sitting on Tuesday June 30.


Marie-Anne Lepathy



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