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59 seafarers test positive for COVID-19 | 27 June 2020

Fifty-nine (59) is now the total number of positive PCR test results from the crew of the Spanish fishing fleet who arrived from Senegal and Ivory Coast on June 23, 2020.

The department of health has taken samples from 198 seafarers altogether and has, so far, obtained 146 results.

Tests are currently running for 52 other seafarers.          

Public Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon has confirmed that all the seafarers who test positive, including those                previously placed at the Perseverance isolation centre, will be isolated on ships of the Spanish fishing fleet now dedicated for this purpose.

The fleet has their own doctor, personal protective equipment and ability to monitor temperature and other symptoms that the seafarers may  develop.             

Should the seafarers develop symptoms associated withCOVID-19, they will be transferred to the isolation and treatment  facilities on Mahé.


Press release from the department of health





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