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CWS brings Seychelles in the age of 5G | 27 June 2020

CWS brings Seychelles in the age of 5G

Mr Hammond addressing guests at the launch ceremony (Photos: Louis Toussaint)

“5G will not only connect people to people but also people to things and things to things,” said Charles Hammond, chief executive of Cable and Wireless Seychelles (CWS) when he officially launched the 5G network yesterday, a joint collaboration with Huaweii.

The launch ceremony took place at the Eden Bleu hotel and was attended by members of the National Assembly, board members of CWS and owners of the company.

Speaking to the guests Mr Hammond noted that we are witnessing a new beginning and a major step for Cable & Wireless.  

“The new owners of CWS were keen to bring the best to the people of Seychelles so this project was contracted for before COVID-19.  It took longer than anticipated to deliver.

“We are now in the new age of 5G.  5G is the 5th generation mobile network that delivers this technology revolution and fuels social and economic development through Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud computing and Internet of Things,” he said.

Mr Hammond remarked that 5G is a totally safe technology with no scientific link to any disease whatsoever.

“5G is truly transformational. It is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.  This wireless technology will deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultralow latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to a lot more users. This higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connects new industries,” said the CEO.

While new technologies may take some time to be implemented in small countries and economies, here in Seychelles, CWS customers will be able to experience CWS’ 5G network as from July when packages will be released.

All customers will need is a 5G enable device to experience CWS 5G.  

The 5G network coverage will go over Roche Caiman, Victoria and the airport for the time being and will gradually cover the entire island in the coming months.

Mr Hammond also warned customers by saying that “5G will deliver amazing data speeds and so, much higher data consumption, enabling significantly better customer experience. This means that the users of 5G will be consuming significantly more data. For example, in a speed test on 5G network, one may use well over 1GB download. We are working on a specific data package that will cater for 5G network users”.

During the ceremony he took the time to call upon the team that helped launched the network.

“I am honoured to recognise the CWS team that has worked tirelessly on this project. Their devotion, determination and achievement is the very reason why we are here today. Thank you, team!  I also recognise the new board and owners of CWS who are demonstrating their commitment to keep CWS at the very top,” Mr Hammond said.

Mr Hammond also thanked CWS’ new partner Huawei, noting that CWS immensely appreciates their support throughout this project.

And finally he thanked the people present, the customers and partners for their continuous support and trust.

“Finally, everything begins with the internet today. 5G is the innovation platform that will see the realisation of our richer lives; ultralow 5G latency is critical for automated driving to remote medical surgery and advanced virtual reality. 5G will enable smarter and more convenient living and working environment helping to digitise economies and societies.  5G will enable you to create richer memories with family and friends.  When you are permanently connected to your family, friends and to the other things you love, you are happier,” said the CEO.

He finished by saying that “being the first to launch 5G network, as the Team Leader of the leading telecom company in Seychelles, I am privileged to say, We are proud to ‘Evolye avek’ Cable & Wireless 5G”.

To be able to acquire the 5G network CWS partnered with Huawei which is the world's biggest telecommunications network equipment supplier. Since its breakout contract in 2009 to build a 4G network in Norway, it has expanded operations to more than 170 countries, raking in $107 billion in revenue in 2018. In the third quarter of this year, the company reported a revenue increase of nearly 25% year-on-year, thanks largely to smartphone sales, and said it has signed more than 60 contracts for 5G with international carriers.

Speaking to the press after the ceremony, Mr Hammond noted that CWS wants the best for its customers which is why the company is bringing the network forth. The company has been working on this network since last November.

“Our existing network is the latest one so we knew we could deliver 5G quickly, we contracted the network before the COVID epidemic but it slowed us down a bit,” said Mr Hammond.

He added that the company was looking at 5G way before any “competitors” announced they will be acquiring the network.

Regarding the price of the 5G package he noted that it will not be cheap because customers will need a minimum of 100 gigabyte in order to use the network as it is 1 gigabyte per second.


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