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Seychelles Women’s Trust Fund invites applications for grants | 30 June 2020

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on people’s lives especially at the economic level, the Seychelles Women’s Trust Fund has modified the focus of its 2020 campaign in order to support women (groups and individuals) who are involved in, or who wish to set up, small or medium-scale economic activities that use local resources in order to offer a product or service to the public.

Before preparing and submitting projects, prospective applicants are being encouraged to consider the following:

• Viability: Is the product or service being offered by the promoter something that people will need and/or buy?

• Sustainability: Is it an activity that can keep going over a period of time? Is the demand for this product or service continuous? Is the revenue that can be made sufficient for the activity to carry on and to grow?

• Use of local resources – with the current situation, the use of local resources is desired since this avoids utilising rare foreign exchange. Therefore, to what extent will local resources be used?

• Replacing imports – there are numerous products that can be produced or grown locally. They include food items (such as jams, biscuits, cakes/cake mixes, etc); grown items (vegetables, roots, fruits, herbs, etc); household items (such as brooms, old style mats, etc); accessories (such as local shopping bags made of fibre or cloth, etc) and other items that people use.

Short proposals (about 1 page) that are submitted need to cover the following:

• WHAT the project is about

• WHO will implement the project (with contact details)

• HOW the project will be implemented

• COST (with essential details)

• EXPECTED results

Proposals need to be sent by email to: by July 8, 2020. For additional information, please visit the Seychelles Women’s Trust Fund page on Facebook, or call 2646082 between 9am and 12noon during weekdays.

Applicants who are selected for a grant will be encouraged to join an existing electronic platform that puts sellers in touch with buyers.

A simple collaborative approach will also be used to monitor each project to ensure that it is being implemented according to the terms of the grant.  


Contributed by the Seychelles Women’s Trust Fund

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