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Football: Restart of competitions | 03 July 2020

Federation to offer lucrative cash rewards


Seychelles Football Federation president Elvis Chetty has promised enticing financial rewards for the top teams in all the three divisions for the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season.

Speaking to Sports NATION this week, Seychelles Football Federation (SFF) president Chetty revealed that they are planning to distribute about R1.5 million as cash incentives for the top five teams.

“I have agreed with the executive committee to distribute about R1.5 million to all the top five finishers in the three leagues as well as a cash rewards for the SFF Cup winners and runners-up,” explained the SFF president.

Mr Chetty noted that in view of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the clubs severely especially in terms of finance, the federation has decided to absorb other expenses of the clubs to make it easier for them to complete the held-up season which was stopped in March when the country had to go in lockdown.

“The federation will absorb all the travelling costs for the teams to and from the inner islands as we want to ensure that teams do not sleep over and we have also managed to negotiate a good deal with Air Seychelles for flights and for boat travel especially at a time where there are no regular flights. We are also planning to include the cost for officials and match commissioners so that they don’t have to stay over and this will be up to the play-off stage which will amount to around R250,000 and we will absorb everything till the end of the season,” Mr Chetty told Sports NATION.

“We will offer R250,000 to the Premier League champions which is a first, with the runners-up receiving R187,000 and the total amount for the top five premier league finishers will come to R762,682,” noted the SFF president.

As for the Championship One winners, they will be rewarded with R150,000 and the total cash distribution for the five best teams will add up to R415,965. As for the Championship Two champions, they will receive R80,000. A total of R209,693 will be awarded to the top five teams in this division.

The SFF Cup winners will be handed a cash prize of R125,000 whilst the runners-up will receive R75,000 as this competition will be the first to restart our season especially throughout this weekend.

The SFF president noted that his aim is to see the teams in a comfortable financial position after the cash incentives they offered earlier in April to help clubs after they received financial support from the world governing body Fifa.

Fifa provided the financial help to all its member associations in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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