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Choice Plus Pharmacy opens in Victoria, offers quality service, wider choices to consumers | 03 July 2020

Choice Plus Pharmacy opens  in Victoria, offers quality service, wider choices to consumers

With the official opening yesterday morning in Victoria of Choice Plus Pharmacy, consumers now have yet another choice when it comes to pharmacies.

Located in Kanna Mall opposite the ex-STC supermarket, the new pharmacy was opened in the presence of its directors, staff and a number of customers.

Well stocked with a large variety of medicines for all ages and ailments, the modern pharmacy is also conveniently located, easily accessible and cannot be missed by anyone visiting Victoria. With the current COVID-19 situation, the phamacy will be worth visiting for all hygiene, sanitary and other products and medications available under one roof to satisfy everyone’s needs.  

“Our wish was to start a pharmacy with a difference and as clients will discover, it is not just a pharmacy but we have tried to give customers some additional benefits which include an inaugural offer of 10% discount on different products,” said Doris Belle, the  director of Choice Plus Pharmacy.

She noted that the discount is valid until August 2, 2020.

“In addition, we are also offering some supplementary services to our customers which include free sugar and blood pressure check-ups for 10 days. We believe that the health of everyone is most important and therefore if you are in town it would be worth paying a visit to Choice Plus Pharmacy to make the most of these great offers,” said Ms Belle .

She further added that the pharmacy has a lot of other plans for its customers and those will be shared at a later date, as the pharmacy concentrates on establishing itself, increasing its customer base and moving forward.

Ms Belle added that with a special thought for the elderly and to show a more caring approach to all senior citizens, Choice Plus Pharmacy is providing a special discount for this group of people. 

“We appeal to all our citizens to give us the opportunity to serve them. To provide additional benefit to all our customers, we are thinking of  providing a free delivery service for a minimum order of  R500 with certain conditions. Logistical arrangments are still being worked out to make this option possible,” added Ms Belle.

The prices being offered by Choice Plus Pharmacy to its customers are said to be very  affordable and customers would no doubt be able to make good savings if they make their 

purchase there.

Pharmacist Udhayageethan said: “We are offering our customers a wide range of medicines, beauty products, vitamin supplements, over the counter products,  prescription medicines, orthopedic support, surgical items as well as quality customer service.”

To provide further convenience to its customers, Choice Plus Pharmacy is working on  a new service motto of 24/ 7 whereby it will remain open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday and from 9am to 1pm on Sundays.

The pharmacy can be contacted on telephone number +248 2606480 after working hours in case of emergencies.

The accompanying photos show the opening ceremony of Choice Plus Pharmacy.









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