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ANB communiqué - Man gets 10 years for the offence of conspiracy to import a controlled drug | 28 June 2019

Harry Moise Dupres, a 52-year-old male Seychellois, living and self-employed in Madagascar, has been sentenced by Judge Mathilda Twomey before the Supreme Court to 10 years imprisonment for the offence of conspiracy to import of a controlled drug, 930 grammes of heroin (555.83 grammes purity).

Dupres was initially charged with two other persons in this case, namely Erick Dijoux who is already serving a sentence of eight (8) years imprisonment since October 2018 after he pleaded guilty for the importation of this drug which was found on him at the Seychelles International Airport in April 2018.

The other man involved in this case accepted a conditional offer from the Attorney General’s office and turned as state witness in return for the charges against him to be dropped.

In her comments when sentencing Dupres, Judge Twomey stated that she has observed that the accused has shown no remorse. That Seychelles continues to be plagued by the influx of heroin poisoning its youth and wreaking havoc on the community. That the State is put to great expense prosecuting these cases and repairing the damage to the health of its citizens caused by the ingestion of these drugs.

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