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Financial Assistance for Job Retention Committee Total FA4JR figures as of end Monday July 6, 2020 | 07 July 2020

Applications processed:

Total number of April applications (updated): 5,083

April Applications processed by the committee; 5,079

Decision letters finalised for April: 4,462

Total number of applications rejected: 809

Total remaining to be processed: 4

New applications for May processed by the committee: 167

Decision letters finalised for May: 167

Total number of applications processed by Appeals Committee: 215


Approved applications paid for April: 3,771

Total value of April payments: R162,805,776.41

Approved applications paid for May: 3,841

Total value of May payments: R164,828,006.97

Approved applications paid for June: 3,481

Total value of June payments: R152,014,716.31

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