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Sports press conference in relation to COVID-19 safety measures | 13 July 2020

Sports press conference in relation to COVID-19 safety measures

PS Palmyre

New strategies and better planning is the only way forward


To properly succeed, thus maintaining its previous standards, or even climbing to a higher level in the new normal amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, local sports need to from now on be based on a collective effort from all partners and stakeholders.

New strategies and better planning, including inputs and recommendations from all associates and members of the public should be taken seriously.

Principal secretary for youth and sports Fabian Palmyre made the above statements on Friday, during a press conference at the National Sports Council (NSC) boardroom at Stad Linite to introduce the new guidelines, strategies and measures for the resumption of local sports activities, a gradual process set to begin this week.

The decision to resume sports activities has been taken in conjunction with all stakeholders, including the department of health and all local sports federations and associations.

It is to note that it was on March 18 that the decision to halt all sports-related activities was taken by the NSC in line with the recommendations of the department of health regarding the COVID-19.

Mr Palmyre explained that consultation between partners is a crucial element in moving forward, even if there is COVID-19 or not.

This, he said, includes the sports department which represents the government, the NSC which is the implementation arm, the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga), along with all sporting federations and associations.

He further noted that even if the final decisions will be up to the authority, all the inputs should be considered and whenever suitable should be included into the final output.

Regarding the new sports policy which will be a crucial tool in the running of sports in the new normal, Mr Palmyre said it has been improved to cater for new partners related to new laws and guidelines, again in the spirit of teamwork and shared responsibilities in the running of Seychelles’ sports.

He further added that it is also the responsibility of every individual to play their roles in safeguarding and promoting local sports, especially at community level where most of the 61 local sporting facilities are situated.

Mr Palmyre said everyone who uses the facilities should adopt a spirit of ownership and respect towards the facilities which he said will help to minimise or prevent vandalism, as well as maintenance cost.

He also made reference to the difficulties encountered based on a lack of communication between the sports authority and other governmental entities which he said delays a lot of work, including renovations, thus causing frustrations among the local sporting communities.

Mr Palmyre said their main objective from now on is to bring expected output to the public, instead of excuses.

He further added that while they are aware of the vandalism issue, it will also be their responsibility to bring in equipment of better quality which could withstand the impact which at times are all associated with the particular sport, instead of being an act of vandalism, for example broken backboard and ring due to slam-dunking at basketball facilities.

Value for money is also another crucial element which the authority will be looking closely into, Mr Palmyre explained.

He explained that compared to the past where contractors were submitting poor quality work, in the new sporting era, inspections and investigations will be carried prior to and during any contracted work.

Based on the position of sports in our society, PS Palmyre said other than the health aspect, sports also help to rid the society of its social ills, only if the youth receive the proper tuition from well-trained tutors.

This, he said, has been catered for in the new policy which stresses that only those with appropriate ability, behaviour and character should be able to get involved in youth training programmes.


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