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Newly built domestic terminal officially opened | 28 June 2019

Newly built domestic terminal officially opened

Unveiling the plaque to inaugurate the new domestic terminal

‘A promise delivered’


After four years and five months under construction, a new modern domestic terminal was officially opened last night at the Seychelles International Airport by President Danny Faure.

This new terminal has a total floor space of approximately 6100 sqm and has cost the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) R85.3 million.

This is yet another historical moment in the development of the inter-island air service for the SCAA. The main facilities in the terminal are the check-in area, the baggage make up areas, arrival and departure lounges, concourse area, drop off and pick up areas and security posts. The other facilities comprise a CIP lounge, a spa, two restaurants, five shops, 16 offices and a rainwater harvesting system with storage tanks. The building contractor was Allied Builders (Seychelles) Ltd and GIBB (Seychelles) Ltd was the consultant for this project.

In his opening speech, the chief executive of SCAA, Garry Albert, noted that “today is an important day for us at SCAA and the Seychelles Airports because we are confirming to Seychelles and to the world at large that we are entering a new era in our aviation facilities. Already five years ago, the domestic terminal was getting too small and we took your ideas on board as we planned for a better Seychelles”.

He also noted that SCAA has launched a tender for a pharmacy that will diversify their products and services.

“We are happy that we have levelled the facilities here with that of Praslin by giving ample space and a covered drop off and pick up point for domestic travellers,” noted Mr Albert.

The Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Didier Dogley, spoke about the importance of modernisation of infrastructure especially in the tourism industry.

“Our airports serve both our discerning visitors as well as our people. Similarly, our domestic terminal and air services connect us with other islands, not only for visitors but for us locals. Over 60% of foreign visitors who visit Seychelles, also travel to Praslin and other islands and a significant number connect directly to the other islands using our domestic terminal. They expect our airports to be safe, affordable, hassle-free, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Today I commend the commitment and efforts being made by the SCAA in improving this facility.”

The former CEO of SCAA, Gilbert Faure, shared with us about how happy he was to see this project completed.

“I have been involved with this project since the very beginning and thought that it would have been completed when I retired in December 2018. It was not an easy project as we had to keep the airport open while construction was ongoing. But today I am happy to have been able to witness its completion.”

A video entitled ‘A promise delivered’, gave a background on the domestic project and highlighted the new facilities and attractions which also includes an eco-garden. Another video introducing the SCAA’s new brand was shown. Captain David Savy, chairman of the SCAA board, explained the guests about the first ever customer service award which was introduced in 2018 comprising two categories: Best operator and Best Customer employee. For the best operator, the first prize went to Air Seychelles Checking counter and Samia Dugasse was awarded as the Best Customer employee.

As a symbolic gesture, Mr Faure presented a painting of the Seychelles International Airport to President Faure. A commemorative plaque was then unveiled by the President in the presence of some ministers, members of the National Assembly, high-level government officials, airport stakeholders, SCAA board members and its management.

To remind the guests of the fact that the terminal is a facility which connects Mahé to the other islands of Seychelles a cultural display was presented with a musical piece orchestrated by local producer Raymond Clarisse.

The ceremony concluded with a tour of the new facility.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the opening ceremony.

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