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Fitness and Health | 23 July 2020

Fitness and Health

Musclemindz Fitness Centre targeting results instead of membership


In the fitness world, a personal trainer provides training, while a fitness coach builds a personal relationship with you, works to reach goals surrounding all aspects of mental, physical, and social health, and provides support in order to reach those goals.

While a personal trainer will offer you a programme that suits your fitness needs with the goal of helping you attain the physical body you want through proven exercises, a health and fitness coach will help you do the same and have you transform how you think and feel about your body.

Quite new on the local market, fitness coaching is what the newly-opened Musclemindz Fitness Centre in Victoria (near Unity House and Maison Collet) is bringing to the table, creating an ideal place where one will feel safe to reveal him/herself with an active, non-judgmental and objective listener.

The new venture is a collaboration between Barnsley Antat of the Musclemindz Fitness Store and Stephen Camille of SC Fitness Coaching.

Talking about the new gym’s target, Mr Camille noted that they are here to offer solutions, instead of targeting membership.

He explained that even before getting a membership, all clients go through a ‘screening’ process to assess their needs and targets for joining the club.

Based on the initial consultation which if is free of charge, Mr Camille said they screen clients for recommended exercise programmes, evaluation of various fitness components and prescription of exercise to improve these components.

This, he said, is also applicable for clients with specific or chronic conditions.

Mr Camille also explained that based on the goal, coaching comes in with a solution plan including goal setting, nutrition applying and guidance and the actual training (exercise) programme, including the tracking that comes along with it.

He also made it clear that one does not have to be getting coached to be a member of the club, but it is just an additional service, making the place different and unique from other gyms.

For ordinary club members, they are entitled to all the facilities available, including general supervision and guidance, ensuring a good experience in the gym, cardio and strength training area, shower and locker facilities.

Mr Camille said they are trying to promote the club as a ‘non-hardcore’ gym targeting athletic market. He however explained that clients targeting that kind of service are welcomed, but they will have to behave in certain ways so as not to intimidate other clients.

The minimum term at the Musclemindz Fitness Centre is a three-month membership costing R1,950, while there is also a one-year membership for R7,200.

There is also a corporate membership package for companies and working organisations with a minimum of five staff members at a discounted rate of R1,650 per head, while ten or more staff will benefit from a rate of R1,500 per head.

All fees allow unlimited training days and time.

As for the coaching which is an added value, or a fee-based service starts at R700 and can go up to a maximum of R2,500, depending on the level of service.

The Musclemindz Fitness Centre which operates from 5am to 8pm Monday to Saturday offers capped membership; meaning they will never have more than a certain number of members (the cap) to ensure that it will never be crowded.

The accompanying photos taken by Louis Toussaint show the variety of fitness equipment available and members working out in the gym.


Roland Duval


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