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2nd Schools Entrepreneurship Competition | 30 July 2020

Where are we now?


The department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development (DOIED) wraps up the second School Entrepreneurship Competition under the theme ‘Living with Covid-19: A Student’s Perspective’.

This year, the department has received 96 submissions, which are currently being assessed by five different judges from both the private and public sector. This year however the judging method has changed and shall be done through an online platform in light of the social distancing measures being recommended by the department of health. The deadline for the panel of judges to assess the submissions is August 14, 2020.

The department is encouraging students to think of business solutions to problems and/or difficulties they are currently encountering in their school life due to Covid-19. This competition is particularly beneficial for the students, i.e. our next generation, as we live in an era of unanticipated global crisis and technological transformation. Students will undoubtedly face an uncertain future full of complex global, social, and environmental issues. By participating in entrepreneurship competitions such as this one, they do not just develop entrepreneurial skills that will lead to long-term achievements for themselves; they will become ready to change Seychelles’ economy and the world and make it a better place for everyone.

This year’s competition focuses on children at the centre of the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought so many adverse effects in our everyday lives. However, one group of people who have been seriously affected morally and emotionally are the youth. Although they might not talk about it, children are likely to be experiencing more anxiety and fear compared to what adults experience. As such, the disruption caused by Covid-19 in their everyday lives have undoubtedly affected them on a serious level. They may also encounter disconnection with the recently established structure and the stimulation that was provided by the previous environment such as less opportunity to be with their friends.

This competition therefore can allow them to express their fears and concerns on paper, on how they would address Covid-19 in their ideal world, with a touch of the entrepreneurial aspect added to it. Subsequently, their submission can even later give their parent and/or teacher an idea of how to better assist them in addressing their concerns. Ultimately, the aim is to get the youth to think entrepreneurial, even in the most adverse moments, and to help them understand that innovation and entrepreneurship can exist amid chaos.

The DOIED is looking forward to announcing the winners of the School Entrepreneurship Competition towards the end of August 2020. It should be noted that the interesting prizes are proudly being sponsored by the Central Bank of Seychelles, the Mauritius Commercial Bank, the Seychelles Trading Company Ltd. and Maz Millions.



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