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UniSey organises workshops for youth workers | 31 July 2020

UniSey organises workshops for youth workers

Ms Sopha (Photo: Anel Robert)

Young people have a right to receive quality youth work services from trained youth work professionals and for this reason the University of Seychelles conducted a two-day workshop for youth workers this week.

This workshop, which started on Wednesday and ended yesterday, was commissioned by the youth and sports department in partnership with the University of Seychelles (UniSey).

“The aim of the workshop is to sensitise youth workers and people who work in the youth sector on the importance of having qualifications to work with young people,” said Georges Nicette, head of the department of health and social care.

Mr Nicette, who was also facilitating the workshop, added that through the workshop they would encourage the attendees to enrol on the certificate, diploma or degree programme that the UniSey offers.

“Another aim of this workshop is to provide a platform and opportunity to discuss youth work and its future development in Seychelles and address the gap such as the critical shortage of qualified youth practitioners and also improve the quality of service for young people,” said Mr Nicette.

This, as a result, will improve quality of service delivery within the youth sector, prevent harm to young people accessing these services as well as strengthen the social and community environment that young people belong to.

The workshop was specifically designed for current practitioners and or other individuals working in the youth sector.

“As this is our first session the participants were very eager to learn more on how to plan their work and help the youths they work with. UniSey has identified the areas we can develop new courses and add to the existing ones in order to meet the needs of the youth workers,” said Betty May Sopha, lecturer at the department of health and social care.

She added that once the workshop is over they will discuss with the youth and sports department on how many applicants they want to enrol at the UniSey to follow the course.

Jocette Cadence, youth worker and attendee of the first session, noted that the workshop is a good initiative from the UniSey as it gives youth workers a platform to discuss on how they can improve on what they are already doing.

Since she already has a diploma in youth work, Ms Cadence believes that the courses that UniSey is offering will be beneficial to all youth workers as it will help them work more coherently.


Christophe Zialor

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