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Best watersports athletes rewarded | 10 August 2020

Best watersports athletes rewarded

The awardees in a souvenir photo

The Seychelles Yachting Association rewarded its best athletes for the 2019 season in a prize-giving ceremony at its base at the Sail Training Scheme, Roche Caïman, on Saturday afternoon.

The ceremony which preceded the Seychelles Yachting Association’s (SYA) annual general meeting, was attended by the athletes as well as family members as the association presented certificates and trophies for all the races it organised last year in what its long serving chairman Alain Alcindor described as a very successful season.

“We managed to organise all our scheduled races on our calendar with or without wind except for the Regatta races and we also did very well in the Sports Awards of the Year crowning ceremony where Rodney Govinden was voted Sportsman of the Year and he also qualified for the Summer Olympics which was a very good achievement. We even hosted the African Optimist Championship to make it a very good season and we must thank all our faithful sponsors for their support in 2019,” revealed chairman Alcindor to Sports NATION after the prize-giving ceremony.

The following is the list of all the award winners for all the races held in 2019.

Hunt Deltel Optimist Cup Open

1st                 Dean Mathiot

2nd               Fabio Bertola Thevenon

3rd                Luca Marzocchi


Masons Optimist Cup

1st                 Yves Fock-Heng

2nd               Luca Marzocchi

3rd                Dean Mathiot


Suzuki Marine Laser 4.7 Cup

1st                 Chantal Hoffman

2nd               Eid Florine

3rd                  Tim Figaro


SYA Laser 4.7 Cup

1st                 Ryan Alcindor

2nd               Loïc D’Offay

3rd                Anthony Toussaint


Hunt Deltel Laser Open

1st                 Rodney Govinden

2nd               Alain Julie

3rd                Kenny Constance


Windsurfing Cup A

1st                 Jean-Marc Gardette

2nd               Bertrand Lablache

3rd                Jacqueline Languilla


Windsurfing Cup B

1st                 Bertrand Lablache

2nd               Jacquelin Languilla

3rd                  Jean-Marc Gardette


National Championship Optimist Open

1st                 Dean Mathiot

2nd               Yves Fock-Heng

3rd                Fabio Bertola Thevenon


National Championship Optimist Girls

1st                 Stephanie Lalande

2nd               Jakira Radegonde


National Championship Laser 4.7

1st                 Dominique Labrosse

2nd               Loïc D’Offay

3rd                Ryan Alcindor


National Championship Laser Radial

1st                 Paul Morel

2nd               Kenny Constance

3rd                Ray Potter


National Championship Laser Standard

1st                 Alain Julie

2nd               Rodney Govinden

3rd                Paul Morel


National Championship Windsurfing

1st                 Bertrand Lablache

2nd               Jean-Marc Gardette

3rd                Jacquelin Languilla


Best Junior Sailor Female

1st                 Stephanie Lalande

2nd               Jakira Radegonde


Best Junior Sailor Male

1st                 Dean Mathiot

2nd               Dominique Labrosse


Best Sailor Female

1st                 Chantal Hoffman

2nd               Stephanie Lalande


Best Sailor Male

1st                 Rodney Govinden

2nd               Alain Julie


Best Windsurfer

1st                 Jean-Marc Gardette

2nd               Bertrand Lablache


Best Kite surfer

1st                 Dominique D’Offay De Rieux

2nd               Neddy Radegonde


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