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Fitting into the new normal | 12 August 2020

Adapting to new ways of doing things in the ‘new normal’ is not always easy. It takes courage, willingness, personal discipline and a certain degree of understanding.

It requires personal motivation to change our way of living, modify our social interactions, connect more online, be extra vigilant in our daily movement, be conscious of our spending. All of this, driven by a permanent need to be extra careful with our personal hygiene.

Who would have thought that the action of kissing a friend, a neighbour or a stranger good day, would be replaced by the Namaste symbol?

Who would have imagined that closeness in a queue would be discouraged,so as to protect one’s health?

Who would have imagined that a bus journey from Victoria to Grand Anse would require you to wear a mask, all the way?

The answer is not you, not me, could have ever imagined that.

However, this is what the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has generated. You and me, we do not have a choice, nor does anyone else living abroad for that matter.

The best we can do is adapt to the new normal, adopt new ways of doing things to keep us safe and healthy and apply these ways, so they become part of our lives, almost as second nature.

It takes time to change, but it takes you and I to want to change, to make this ‘new normal’ more acceptable and tolerable.

You do your part and I will do mine.



Adapt, Adopt and Apply good practices, as we adjust to the new normal and cope with the effects of Covid-19                                      

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