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‘Let’s show compassion,’ President Faure urges during visit to Family Affairs ministry | 14 August 2020

‘Let’s show compassion,’ President Faure urges during visit to Family Affairs ministry

President Danny Faure has said we all need to show compassion towards one another as he continued his round of visits yesterday at the Ministry of Family Affairs, Bel Eau.

His visit falls in line with his rounds to workplaces to interact with employees in key services and see for himself their working environment and discuss with their management various ways to improve their working environment and conditions, boost productivity and explore ways to do and make things better in the workplaces.

The head of state was accompanied by a delegation made up of Family Affairs Minister Mitcy Larue, principal secretary for social affairs Linda William-Melanie, principal secretary for family affairs Marie-Josée Bonne and principal secretary for poverty alleviation Alvin Laurence.

He visited the various sections of the ministry, including the front office, gender and population, and the minister’s secretariat.

Speaking to the press following his visit, President Faure noted that he wanted to congratulate the staff for their hard work especially during the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected many families in the country.

“With the impact of the virus many families have had to rely on the Ministry for Family Affairs and this shows the important role it has in our community. It is important that we have the proper channels to which a citizen can go through to receive the proper assistance – financially or socially – he/she desires,” said President Faure.

He noted that the country is going through economic hardship which is having an impact on everyone. He remarked that in order to face the situation, the government must continue working hard to give the support required to our people.

“It is important that all staff working across all ministries receiving members of the public continue to show compassion towards their clients,” said President Faure.

The president also emphasised that the difficulties we are going through will not end any time soon which is why families have to stay united during this time, maintain good communication, and ensure that children are supported.

On her part, Minister Larue said that the ministry has an open door policy where she meets with the public every Monday and hears what they have to say and how her ministry can help them.

“When a family approaches us for help we refer their case through the various departments that we have set up for them in the ministry. If for example, a parent has a social issue then we conduct a home visit to assess the situation,” said Minister Larue.

She continued by adding that they treat each case with compassion and provide support for the family.

The minister also added that psychosocial support is being given to many families on a national level and addresses both the psychological and social needs of individuals, families, and communities.

When doing his rounds, the president met two families who are being assisted by the ministry and they updated him on their situation.

Judith Pillay, a young mother who has benefited from the Unemployment Relief Scheme (URS), said that through a letter that she wrote to the president, she was referred to the Family Affairs minister where they offered her a job on a trial basis before being hired full time by the National Council for the Elderly.

Divia Pillay, a victim of the Brillant House fire earlier this year, noted that the ministry has helped her family tremendously and has continued to offer support through lodging and/or counselling.

The Ministry of Family Affairs was established in 2017 and has the portfolio responsibility to empower, support and promote the well-being of individuals and families to overcome social challenges.

The Ministry of Family Affairs’ structure consists of the minister’s secretariat, three departments, three national councils and an agency.

The accompanying photos taken by our photographer Jude Morel show President Faure touring some of the sections of the Ministry of Family Affairs.


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