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UPF-Seychelles hosts first-of-its-kind members workshop | 25 August 2020

UPF-Seychelles hosts first-of-its-kind members workshop

The workshop in full swing (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

In line with its vision to sensitise the general public in building a national goal of peace in which every citizen can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and prosperity, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF)-Seychelles hosted the first-of-its-kind members’ workshop programme at the Ceps conference room on Saturday.

The workshop, under the theme ‘Being informed is to be educated’, was attended by a handful of participants, all adhering to strict health requirements and protocols, and was organised with the aim of promoting the core and guiding principles of UPF-Seychelles, an independent, voluntary and non-profit organisation dedicated towards national peace-building, and ultimately, global peace and unity.

Master of ceremony Wilven Alcindor briefly introduced participants to UPF International, the affiliated parent organisation to UPF-Seychelles which was founded in 2005 by Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr HakJa Han Moon, before proceeding on to the opening prayer.

Vice-chairperson of UPF-Seychelles, Anna Faerber, helped participants delve deeper into UPF International, providing them with the historical timeline of the organisation, even prior to its official establishment in 2005.

Ms Faerber also provided an overview of the numerous primary associations under the Federation, core programmes including the Sunhak Peace Prize, as well as ongoing initiatives of the Federation which include annual world summits.

The chairperson, Roger Alphonse, also highlighted the importance of UPF-Seychelles, explaining that it provides a platform for people of diverse faiths to contribute their wisdom, intelligence and experiences and work effectively to promote global peace.

He further emphasised the need to attract new members to the organisation, towards national peace.

Participants were also informed of the organisation’s long-term vision and its action plan and how they can contribute towards achieving its core vision.

Any concerns and queries they had were then addressed in a question and answer session whereby they sought further clarifications about UPF-Seychelles and affiliates.

The workshop concluded with closing remarks by secretary general Rosemary Elizabeth, who asked members to seek for more members.

She also reiterated that UPF-Seychelles is mandated to promote peace, love, unity, happiness and good values.

UPF-Seychelles intends to work effectively alongside representatives of government, businesses, civil society and the community in general to promote and enhance peace within our small island state.


Laura Pillay

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